DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 Japanizität aus dem Geist der europäischen Romantik. Der interkulturelle Vermittler Mori Ogai und die Reorganisierung des japanischen ‚Selbstbildes‘ in der Weltgesellschaft um 1900 Die Ordnung des Theaters. Eine Soziologie der Regie Die Prekarisierungsgesellschaft. Prekäre Proteste. Politik und Ökonomie im Zeichen der Prekarisierung Trumpa lietuvių literatūros istorija = A brief history of Lithuanian literature Christelike etiek in 'n sekulariserende samelewing Tell el-Dab’a XXII. „Der Mund der beiden Wege“. Teil II: Abbildungen-Tafeln-Pläne-Profile-Schnitte Die Privatbibliothek Kaiser Franz’ I. von Österreich 1784-1835 Klossowski, l’incommunicable Soixante-trois. La peur de la grande année climactérique à la Renaissance Villard de Honnecourt, architecte du XIIIe siècle L'Œuvre sans fin. Réception des romans de Monique Saint-Hélier par la critique française (1932-1955) Preservação documental: uma mensagem para o futuro Costa Ribeiro: ensino, pesquisa e desenvolvimento da física no Brasil Facebook e educação: publicar, curtir, compartilhar Gestão sustentável dos recursos naturais: uma abordagem participativa Imigração na União Europeia: uma leitura crítica a partir do nexo entre securitização, cidadania e identidade transnacional Literatura de multidão e intermidialidade: ensaios sobre ler e escrever o presente Pensando a episteme comunicacional Travessias pela literatura portuguesa: estudos críticos de Saramago a Vieira Uma superfície de gelo ancorada no riso: a atualidade do grotesco em Hilda Hilst AGRAR-2013: 1st conference of African research on agriculture, food, and nutrition. Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire, June 4-6, 2013. Agriculture and the challenges of food and nutrition in Africa: the contributions of research in the cotton zone = AGRAR-2013 : 1re conférence de la recherche africaine sur l'agriculture, l'alimentation et la nutrition. Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire, 4-6 juin 2013. L'agriculture face aux défis de l'alimentation et de la nutrition en Afrique : quels apports de la recherche dans les pays cotonniers A Philosophical Examination of Social Justice and Child Poverty The plant microbiome and its importance for plant and human health Psychoanalytical neuroscience: Exploring psychoanalytic concepts with neuroscientific methods Cellular and molecular mechanisms of motor neuron death in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Neuroactive metabolites of ethanol: a behavioral and neurochemical synopsis Comprehensive Systems Biomedicine Open questions on the mechanisms of neuromodulation with applied and endogenous electric fields Intrinsic motivations and open-ended development in animals, humans, and robots Probing auditory scene analysis Model organisms in inflammation and cancer Never-resting microglia: physiological roles in the healthy brain and pathological implications Specialised membrane domains of plasmodesmata plant intercellular nanopores Attention, predictions and expectations and their violation: attentional control in the human brain Molecular Biology of the Transfer RNA Revisited A Multidisciplinary Approach to Motor Learning and Sensorimotor Adaptation Dissecting the function of networks underpinning language repetition In Memory of Mary Ellen Avery Emerging immune functions of non-hematopoietic stromal cells The causes and consequences of microbial community structure Brain and Art Morfologia verbale dei dialetti lombardi nord-orientali nel loro contesto geolinguistico Abiotic Stress: Molecular Genetics and Genomics Comparative studies between HTLV-1 and HTLV-2 function and pathobiology Metal economy in host-microbe interactions Molecular mechanisms of cellular stress responses in cancer and their therapeutic implications Is Conflict Adaptation an Illusion? Adult neurogenesis twenty years later: physiological function versus brain repair Gram-positive phages: From isolation to application Dual role of microglia in health and disease: pushing the balance towards repair How to improve immune reconstitution in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation? Stem Cell Genetic Fidelity Interaction of BCI with the underlying neurological conditions in patients: pros and cons Language by mouth and by hand Olfactory memory networks: from emotional learning to social behaviors Non-Ordinary Mental Expressions Manipulation of the host cell by viral auxiliary proteins Regulatory RNAs in the Nervous System Brain Development and the Attention Spectrum Programming the HPA-axis by early life experience: Mechanisms of stress susceptibility and adaptation The pathogenic Yersiniae - advances in the understanding of physiology and virulence 50 years after the perceptron, 25 years after PDP: Neural computation in language sciences Interactions between the mammalian main and accessory olfactory systems Early and late selection: Effects of load, dilution and salience Basic and applied research on deception and its detection Visual perception and visual cognition in healthy and pathological ageing Time and Causality Audiovisual Speech Recognition: Correspondence between Brain and Behavior DNA, statistics and the law: a cross-disciplinary approach to forensic inference Systems Biology Approaches to Understanding the Cause and Treatment of Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep Disorders Active Touch Sensing Investigating the human brainstem with structural and functional MRI The regulated secretory pathway in neuroendocrine cells Tumor Cell/Dendritic Cell Interactions and the Influence of Tumors on Dendritic Cell-mediated Anti-Tumor Immune Responses and Dendritic Cell-Based Tumor Immunotherapies Targeting PI3K/mTOR signaling in cancer Astrocytic-neuronal-astrocytic Pathway Selection for Formation and Degradation of Glutamate/GABA The origin, function and diagnostic potential of extracellular microRNA in human body fluids Targeting thyroid cancer microenvironment and epigenetic signalling: new frontiers in cancer endocrinology basic and clinical research Spiking Neural Network Connectivity and its Potential for Temporal Sensory Processing and Variable Binding Mind the gap! Gap junction channels and their importance in pathogenesis ZEMCH Research Initiatives: Mass Customisation and Sustainability « LA GRÂCE DE MONTRER SON ÂME DANS LE VÊTEMENT » Tomo 3 « LA GRÂCE DE MONTRER SON ÂME DANS LE VÊTEMENT » Tomo 2 « LA GRÂCE DE MONTRER SON ÂME DANS LE VÊTEMENT » Tomo I Suburban Urbanities Participatory Planning for Climate Compatible Development in Maputo, Mozambique / Planeamento participativo para o desenvolvimento compatível com o clima em Maputo, Moçambique Néologie canadienne de Jacques Viger : Manuscrits de 1810 Financiranje projektov in inovacij v pametnih občinah Upravljavska sposobnost lokalnih samoupravnih skupnosti Obvladovanje kreditnega tveganja pri bančnem poslovanju Lokalna demokracija IV: Aktualni problemi slovenske lokalne samouprave Pravne razsežnosti prepovedi nadlegovanja Evidence in Civil Law - Latvia Evidence in Civil Law - Poland Evidence in Civil Law - Portugal Evidence in Civil Law - Romania Evidence in Civil Law - Slovakia Evidence in Civil Law - Spain Evidence in Civil Law - Sweden Evidence in Civil Law - Ireland Evidence in Civil Law - Slovenia Evidence in Civil Law - Hungary Evidence in Civil Law - Greece Evidence in Civil Law - Germany Evidence in Civil Law - France Evidence in Civil Law - Finland Ravish the Republic: The Archives of The Iron Garters Crime/Art Collective My Gay Middle Ages Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle Último Dia Todos os Dias (e outros escritos sobre cinema e filosofia) mythomaniaS: crime scenes & psycho case studies Still Thriving: On the Importance of Aranye Fradenburg Oceanic New York Issue 2: Helvete: A Journal of Black Metal Theory Image Photograph Dotawo: Journal of Nubian Studies History According to Cattle Workers Leaving the Studio. Looking Away from Socialist Realism. How We Write: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blank Page Chaste Cinematics Destroyer of Naivetés Technologijomis grindžiamas mokymas ir mokymasis organizacijoje Evidence in Civil Law - Denmark Evidence in Civil Law - Cyprus Evidence in Civil Law - Croatia Evidence in Civil Law - Estonia Evidence in Civil Law - Austria Cost Efficiency of Municipalities in Service Delivery: Does Ethnic Fragmentation Matter? Tony Conrad. Video - und darüber hinaus A New Era? Timor-Leste after the UN NGOs and Political Change. A History of the Australian Council for International Development Tropical Forests Of Oceania. Anthropological Perspectives Strings of Connectedness. Essays in honour of Ian Keen A Dissident Liberal. The Political Writings of Peter Baume Vietnam as if… Tales of youth, love and destiny Long History, Deep Time. Deepening Histories of Place Health of People, Places and Planet. Reflections based on Tony McMichael’s four decades of contribution to epidemiological understanding Political Life Writing in the Pacific. Reflections on Practice Music and Spirituality Water Resources in a Variable and Changing Climate The Way Ahead : Meeting Canada's Productivity Challenge Stephen Leacock : A Reappraisal Language Testing Reconsidered : Cyberidentities : Canadian and European Presence in Cyberspace Understanding History An Introduction to Analytical Philosophy of History Revolution or Renaissance : Making the Transition from an Economic Age to a Cultural Age Building New Bridges - Bâtir de nouveaux ponts : Sources, Methods and Interdisciplinarity - Sources, méthodes et interdisciplinarité Voyages : Short Narratives of Susanna Moodie The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. III From Cognition to Being : Prolegomena for Teachers Accounting for Culture : Thinking Through Cultural Citizenship The Forgotten Peace : Mediation at Niagara Falls Charting the Future of Translation History Teaching Translation from Spanish to English : Worlds Beyond Words The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. II Images of Canadianness : Images of Canadianness Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China : Chinese and Canadian Perspectives Amériques transculturelles - Transcultural Americas The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. IV Changing the Terms : Translating in the Postcolonial Era Governance Through Social Learning Caring and Curing : Historical Perspectives on Women and Healing in Canada Borderlands : Comparing Border Security in North America and Europe Feminist Success Stories - Célébrons nos réussites féministes Home-Work : Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siècle Technology enhanced learning integration into organizations The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. I Myth, Symbol, and Colonial Encounter : British and Mi'kmaq in Acadia, 1700-1867 Defending a Contested Ideal : Merit and the Public Service Commission, 1908–2008 Pro-Poor Land Reform : A Critique The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. V A Quarter-Century of Normalization and Social Role Valorization : Evolution and Impact Rethinking the Future of the University Whence They Came : Deportation from Canada 1900 - 1935 Not Written in Stone : Jews, Constitutions, and Constitutionalism in Canada Margaret Laurence : Critical Reflections Melting Hadrons, Boiling Quarks Emerging Zoonoses: Eco-Epidemiology, Involved Mechanisms and Public Health Implications Evidence-Based Programming for Older Adults Synthetic Biology: Engineering complexity and refactoring cell capabilities Visual Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: A View into the Mechanisms of Madness? DNA helicases: expression, functions and clinical implications Structural and computational glycobiology: immunity and infection Le rapport au français de futurs enseignants du primaire de la PHBern dans leurs récits de formation et de mobilité. La part sensible de l’acte Citoyenneté et réconciliation au Rwanda