DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 Growth and Cycles in Australia’s Wine Industry Transas na cena em transe: teatro e contracultura na Bahia L’agriculture en famille : travailler, réinventer, transmettre Studies in Övdalian Morphology and Syntax: New research on a lesser-known Scandinavian language Memória e novos patrimônios Mémoire et nouveaux patrimoines Endocrinologie et communications cellulaires ROTOЯ Review Toxoplasmose adquirida na gestação e congênita: vigilância em saúde, diagnóstico, tratamento e condutas A escravidão no Brasil: ensaio histórico-jurídico-social - Vol. 1 Ecopolítica das mudanças climáticas: o IPCC e o ecologismo dos pobres El Brasil de Lula: diputados y magistrados Circulating Cultures Name, Shame and Blame: Criminalising Consensual Sex in Papua New Guinea Contextualising the Neolithic Occupation of Southern Vietnam (Terra Australis 42) Ngapartji Ngapartji: In turn, in turn: Ego-histoire, Europe and Indigenous Australia Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions Through a Glass Darkly: The Social Sciences Look at the Neoliberal University In the Eye of the Beholder: What Six Nineteenth-century Women Tell Us About Indigenous Authority and Identity Indigenous Australians and the National Disability Insurance Scheme Diversity in Leadership: Australian women, past and present Fiji: A Place called home The Naturalist and his ‘Beautiful Islands’ Charles Morris Woodford in the Western Pacific Law and Democracy: Contemporary Questions The Tools of Owatatsumi: Japan's Ocean Surveillance and Coastal Defence Capabilities Divine Domesticities Wives and Wanderers in a New Guinea Highlands Society Power and International relations: Essays in Honour of Coral Bell Abbott's Gambit: The 2013 Australian Federal Election Global Warming and Climate Change: What Australia knew and buried...then framed a new reality for the public