DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 L’idée de l’Europe : au Siècle des Lumières Behaviour, Development and Evolution Vertical Readings in Dante's Comedy : Volume 2 The Infrastructure Finance Challenge Knowledge and the Norm of Assertion : An Essay in Philosophical Science The Life of August Wilhelm Schlegel, Cosmopolitan of Art and Poetry Forests and Food : Addressing Hunger and Nutrition Across Sustainable Landscapes Open Education : International Perspectives in Higher Education Digital Scholarly Editing : Theories and Practices Tolerance : The Beacon of the Enlightenment Searching for Sharing : Heritage and Multimedia in Africa Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry : Reinventing the Canon What Works in Conservation: 2017 Woodstock Scholarship : An Interdisciplinary Annotated Bibliography Literature Against Criticism : University English and Contemporary Fiction in Conflict Piety in Pieces : How Medieval Readers Customized their Manuscripts The Idea of Europe: Enlightenment Perspectives Just Managing? : What it Means for the Families of Austerity Britain Security in a Small Nation : Scotland, Democracy, Politics The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the 21st Century : A Living Document in a Changing World Advanced Problems in Mathematics : Preparing for University Tellings and Texts: Music, Literature and Performance in North India Love and its Critics : From the Song of Songs to Shakespeare and Milton’s Eden The Environment in the Age of the Internet : Activists, Communication, and the Digital Landscape Verdi in Victorian London Tyneside Neighbourhoods : Deprivation, Social Life and Social Behaviour in One British City Mr. Emerson's Revolution Oral Literature in Africa The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture Complexity, Security and Civil Society in East Asia: Foreign Policies and the Korean Peninsula Resemblance and Representation: An Essay in the Philosophy of Pictures Frontier Encounters: Knowledge and Practice at the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian Border Vertical Readings in Dante's Comedy: Volume 1 From Dust to Digital: Ten Years of the Endangered Archives Programme Feeding the City: Work and Food Culture of the Mumbai Dabbawalas Peace and Democratic Society An Ethnohistorian in Rupert’s Land: Unfinished Conversations Alberta’s Lower Athabasca Basin: Archaeology and Palaeoenvironments The Wolves at My Shadow: The Story of Ingelore Rothschild Forage Plant Ecophysiology Religion and the Individual: Belief, Practice, and Identity Biodiversity in Locally Managed Lands Die Verwertbarkeit von nach §§ 154, 154a StPO ausgeschiedenem Prozessstoff bei der Beweiswürdigung und Strafzumessung im Strafverfahren "Wir schützen unseren Park" - Aushandlungsprozesse von Räumen, Identitäten und Institutionen im Pendjari-Nationalpark (Benin) Die Europaidee im Zeitalter der Aufklärung Det åpne bibliotek: Forskningsbibliotek i endring Das Verhältnis von Selbstbestimmungsaufklärung und therapeutischer Aufklärung Benedictine Culture 750-1050 Belgium and the Holy See from Gregory XVI to Pius IX (1831-1859) Belgian Archaeology in a European Setting. Volume 2 Voor lichaam en geest Voor kerk en werk Ut granum sinapis Towards a learning organisation The Works of Engelbertus Schut Leydensis (ca. 1420-1503) The Principle of ""Equality of arms"" in criminal procedure under Article 6 of the European convention on Human Rights The Family The Black International. L The Bible and Medieval Culture Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Ions on Surfaces Sociology and Religions. An Ambiguous Relationship Secularization and Social Integration Realism in the Sciences Phineas Fletcher. Locustae vel Pietas Iesuitica P.J. Broekx en de christelijke arbeidersbeweging in Limburg Morus ad Craneveldium literae Balduinianae novae Missionering en moderniteit Middenstandsbeweging en beleid in Belgi Love and Marriage in the Twelfth Century Lipsius en Leuven Les Chapitres de la Toison d'Or Les Belges et le Mexique Kritiek van de interpreterende rede King Arthur in the Medieval Low Countries Irua Integrating Eco-efficiency in rail vehicle design Histoire du mouvement ouvrier chr Het lichaam (m/v) Framing a Vision of the World Etnisch nationalisme in Spanje En los deltas de la memoria Diplomatieke cultuur Die Distinktionstechnik in der Kanonistik des 12. Jahrhunderts De marges van de macht De Belgen en Mexico Client-centered and Experiential Psychotherapy in the Nineties Christian Democracy in the European Union (1945/1995) Chaucer Fabliaux as Analogues Chacun pour tous. Le Boerenbond Belge 1890-1990 Arthur Verhaegen 1847-1917 Aristotle's Animals in the Middle Ages and Renaissance Archaeological and Historical Aspects of West-European Societies Alberto Struzzi, un precursor barroco del capitalismo liberal Actualia Vennootschapsrecht Competence Training for Pharmacy Current Knowledge in Thyroid Cancer — From Bench to Bedside La tecnologia della parola. Didattica inclusiva e lettura Educazione e mondo del lavoro. Figure di accompagnamento e potenzialità delle nuove tecnologie nei servizi di bilancio delle competenze e nell'orientamento professionale Dimensione didattica, tecnologica e organizzativa. La costruzione del processo di innovazione a scuola Levensrituelen. Geboorte en doopsel Koningsmoorden Authentic Chinese Christianity: Preludes to its Development (nineteenth and twentieth centuries), De mateloze negentiende eeuw Missionary Approaches and Linguistics in Mainland China and Taiwan Belgian Archaeology in a European Setting. Volume 1 Recueil de préfaces de romans du XVIIIe siècle. Tome II : 1750-1800 Bruc Ealles Well Peter Abelard Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXII) Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXIII) Aspects of the Medieval Animal Epic Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXIV) The Concept of Heresy in the Middle Ages (11th-13th C.) Aquinas and Problems of his Time Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXV) The Universities in the Late Middle Ages Iohannis Harmonii Marsi Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXVI) Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXVII) Charisterium H. De Vocht (1878-1978) Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXVIII) Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXIX) Judocus J.C.A. Crabeels Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXX) Humanistica Lovaniensia (Vol. XXXI) Death in the Middle Ages Jan van Ruusbroec Pascua Mediaevalia Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XXXII Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XXXIII The Theatre in the Middle Ages Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XXXIV, A. Roma Humanistica Aventures querant et le sens du monde Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XXXV Erasmiana Lovaniensia The Illusion of Attitude Change From Challenging Culture to Challenged Culture Arturus Rex Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XXXVI The Use and Abuse of Eschatology in the Middle Ages De Sint-Lucasscholen en de neogotiek, 1962-1914 Tussen bescherming en verovering Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XXXVII Cultuur, religie, geloof Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XXXVIII Rond Damiaan Ieder voor allen. De Belgische Boerenbond 1890-1990 De Cleijne Schoolen La fauconnerie dans les lettres fran Strijd om de moderniteit Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XXXIX Petrus Bloccius De christelijke arbeidersbeweging in België Arturus Rex Serta devota in memoriam Guillelmi Lourdaux Ergonomics, Health and Safety Levensrituelen. Het Vormsel Pegasus Devocatus Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XL Een kantelend tijdperk. Une Studien zur Klosterreform des Grafen Arnulf I von Flandern De Vincentianen in België Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XLI Van rechtvaardige oorlog naar rechtvaardige vrede Vives te Leuven Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XLII Naar leeuweriken grijpen Sapientiae immarcessibilis Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XLIV Serta devota in memoriam Guillelmi Lourdaux Mediaeval Antiquity Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XLV La Pax Hispanica Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XLVI The Expulsion of the Jews and their Emigration to the Southern Low Countries (15th-16th C.) Humanistica Lovaniensia Volume XLVII Het gezin Godsdienst en Kerk in een geseculariseerde samenleving Recueil de préfaces de romans du XVIIIe siècle. Tome I: 1700-1750 Iustus Lipsius Europae Lumen et Columen Glass Making in the Greco-Roman World Genealogy, Archive, Image. Interpreting Dynastic History in Western India, c.1090-2016 Shape optimization and spectral theory The British and Irish Ruling Class 1660-1945. Volume 2 The British and Irish Ruling Class 1660-1945. Volume 1 Non-Extensive Entropy Econometrics for Low Frequency Series. National Accounts-Based Inverse Problems Chapter 3 ‘Ordering the infant’: caring for newborns in early modern England Soaking up the rays: Light therapy and visual culture in Britain, c. 1890–1940 Early Film Theories in Italy, 1896-1922 Chapter 4 'She sleeps well and eats an egg’: convalescent care in early modern England Ethics for A-Level Australia, the European Union and the New Trade Agenda Navigating the Future: An Ethnography of Change in Papua New Guinea Control: China Story Yearbook 2016 Global Allies: Comparing US Alliances in the 21st Century Literature and sustainability : Exploratory essays Surenenpass-Archäologie und Geschichte in Attinghausen Chronologie und Regionalität neolithischer Kollektivgräber in Europa und in der Schweiz Archäologie für Politiker Publishing Research in English as an Additional Language: Practices, Pathways and Potentials A Recepção do Darwinismo no Brasil Kritiske perspektiver i helsefagene: Utdanning, yrkespraksis og forskning Rom og etikk: Fortellinger om ambivalens Boundary Struggles: Contestations of Free Speech in the Norwegian Publis Sphere Recovering From a Disaster Sharing Common Ground Queering The Terminator Film and Video Intermediality Place, Belonging and School Leadership Discourse and Identity on Facebook Church, Market and Media Experimental Metaphysics Orpheus and Eurydice Agency, Structure and the NEET Policy Problem Religion and the Global City Autonomous Language Learning with Technology History of Technology Volume 33 The Winnowing Fan Women Activists between War and Peace Somali, Muslim, British Exporting British Policing During the Second World War Anatomy of Post-Communist European Defense Institutions Chronicles and the Politics of Davidic Restoration The Testimony of the Exalted Jesus Use of the Third Person for Self-Reference by Jesus and Yahweh Sartre and Theology Women Winning the Peace What's Eating You? What is a God? Vulnerability and Valour Violence, Otherness and Identity in Isaiah 63:1-6 Victorian Photography, Literature, and the Invention of Modern Memory Victorian Horace Understanding Schematic Learning at Two Understanding Ranci Understanding James, Understanding Modernism Understanding Foucault, Understanding Modernism Tribals, Empire and God Translating Holocaust Lives The Victims of Slavery, Colonization and the Holocaust The United Nations in International History The Struggle for Teacher Education The Spanish Civil Wars The Roadhouse Comes to Britain The New Nature Writing The Material Culture of Failure The Land of Canaan in the Late Bronze Age The Introspective Art of Mark Twain The Industrial Revolution The Inbetweenness of Things The History of the Provincial Press in England The Environmental Documentary The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Popular Music The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Utilitarianism Television on Demand Task-Based Language Learning in a Real-World Digital Environment Suffering in the Face of Death Suffering in Ancient Worldview Studies in Isaiah Spirituality, Corporate Culture, and American Business Space After Deleuze Sorcery, Totem, and Jihad in African Philosophy Sonic Thinking Slavs in Post-Nazi Austria Sexuality and Gender at Home Seneca: Hercules Furens Second World War British Military Camouflage Screening Bosnia Satirizing Modernism Robots, Zombies and Us Rethinking Joseph Conrad Representations of the Afterlife in Luke-Acts Religion, NGOs and the United Nations Religion in Museums Reading Revelation as Pastiche Race, Tea and Colonial Resettlement Queer Theory and Brokeback Mountain Postmodern Theory and Blade Runner Posthumanism: A Guide for the Perplexed Post-Millennial Gothic Poetry and Revelation Plato and Plotinus on Mysticism, Epistemology, and Ethics Philosophy, Theology and the Jesuit Tradition Pentecostal Modernism: Lovecraft, Los Angeles, and World-Systems Culture Pedagogy, Politics and Philosophy of Peace Paul's Letters and the Construction of the European Self Narrative Theory and Adaptation. Movies with Meaning Modernism, War, and Violence Misanthropy Mere Reading Melville Making Homes Literary Cynics Katherine Mansfield and the Bloomsbury Group Judges: A Critical & Rhetorical Commentary Jewish Volunteers, the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War Jean-Jacques Rousseau and British Romanticism Jane Jensen J. M. Coetzee Initial English Language Teacher Education Immediacy and Meaning Hume Hindu Worldviews Great Men in the Second World War Gilles Deleuze, Postcolonial Theory, and the Philosophy of Limit General Ecology Gender, Culture and Politics in England, 1560-1640 From Tongue to Text: A New Reading of Children's Poetry Evolution and Conversion Every Game is an Island Ecumenism: A Guide for the Perplexed Divining the Woman of Endor Digital Discourse Analysis and Participatory Media David's Capacity for Compassion Danish Literature as World Literature Crime Fiction as World Literature Creative Writing Innovations Cosmopolitan Perspectives on Academic Leadership in Higher Education Continental Philosophy and the Palestinian Question Contemporary Perspectives on C.S. Lewis' 'The Abolition of Man' Compact Cinematics Combatants of Muslim Origin in European Armies in the Twentieth Century Childhood and Nation in Contemporary World Cinema Charles Henri Ford: Between Modernism and Postmodernism Charles Borromeo: Selected Orations, Homilies and Writings Character Ceaseless Music Catholic Theology Canidia, Rome Can't We Make Moral Judgements? British Intelligence and Hitler's Empire in the Soviet Union, 1941-1945 Britain and Interwar Danubian Europe Between Death and Resurrection Beginnings: Interrogating Hauerwas Autarchies Armoured Warfare Anthropologies and Futures Ancient Israel: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It? Ancient Egyptian Scribes Amplifying Islam in the European Soundscape Alternative Art and Anthropology Alternate Reality Games and the Cusp of Digital Gameplay Algeria Revisited Aesthetics, Arts, and Politics in a Global World A Comparative Analysis of Cicero and Aquinas Misfits in Fin-de-Siecle France and Italy: Anatomies of Difference Women Feat Thy Neighbor Intercultura e inclusione : Il Cooperative Learning nella classe plurilingue L’educazione permanente a partire dalle prime età della vita Jihadista della porta accanto L'accesso al farmaco Pena e ritorno Real-Time Optimization Electrical Power and Energy Systems for Transportation Applications La politica de la mirada