DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 Mixtec Evangelicals Epigenetics and periconception environment The Frontier of Patriotism: Alberta and the First World War Vulnerability and Adaptation to Drought: The Canadian Prairies and South America Hidden Transfers of Assets and Hidden Payouts of Profit Historische Kulturwissenschaften. Positionen, Praktiken und Perspektiven A History of Force Feeding: Hunger Strikes, Prisons and Medical Ethics, 1909-1974 Dissecting the Criminal Corpse: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England Memory Boxes. An Experimental Approach to Cultural Transfer in History, 1500-2000 Emotions, Senses, Spaces: Ethnographic Engagements and Intersections Making Sense as a Cultural Practice. Historical Perspectives Spreading the Written Word: Mikael Agricola and the Birth of Literary Finnish Tradition through Modernity: Postmodernism and the Nation-State in Folklore Scholarship Words as Events: Cretan Mandinádes in Performance and Composition Representations of Finnishness in Sweden The Limits of Patriarchy: How Female Networks of Pilfering and Gossip Sparked the First Debates on Rural Gender Rights in the 19th-Century Finnish-Language Press Names in Focus: An Introduction to Finnish Onomastics Identities in Practice: A Trans-Atlantic Ethnography of Sikh immigrants in Finland and in California Her Own Worth: Negotiations of Subjectivity in the Life Narrative of a Female Labourer Fashion Meets Socialism: Fashion industry in the Soviet Union after the Second World War Kalevipoeg Studies: The Creation and Reception of an Epic Performative Histories, Foundational Fictions: Gender and Sexuality in Niskavuori Films Noble conceptions of politics in eighteenth-century Sweden (ca 1740–1790) Novel Districts: Critical Readings of Monika Fagerholm Riddles: Perspectives on the use, function and change in a folklore genre Peasants; Pilgrims; and Sacred Promises: Ritual and the Supernatural in Orthodox Karelian Folk Religion Across the Oceans: Development of the overseas business information transmission Divine Rulers in a Secular State The Irish Folklore Commission 1935-1970: History, ideology, methodology Helsinki in Early Twentieth-Century Literature: Urban Experiences in Finnish Prose Fiction 1890-1940 The Enemy Within: Homicide and Control in Eastern Finland in the Final Years of Swedish Rule 1748-1808 Im Diesseits das Jenseits bereiten - Eschatologie, Laienbildung und Zeitkritik bei den mittelniederländischen Autoren Jan von Boendale, Lodewijk van Velthem und Jan van Leeuwen Ernst Lothar Dogface Soldiers. Unsung Theories of Social and Economic Justice The Tenderness of Conscience The Philosophy of Public Administration – A Holistic Approach The Living Voice of the Gospel The Legacy of Beyers Naude The Geometry of Violence South African Language Rights Monitor 2007 South African Language Rights Monitor 2006 South African Language Rights Monitor 2005 South African Language Rights Monitor 2004 South African Language Rights Monitor 2003 South African Language Rights Monitor 2002 Social Transformation, Leadership and Healing Searching for Dignity Rights & Democracy Response-Ability in the Era of Aids Religion & Politics in Swaziland Reliability analysis for structural design Rabadia Ratsatsha Principles and Practice of South African Lexicography Playing the Water Dance Oom Bey for the Future New hope for the poor n Vaste plek vir Afrikaans n Skrywer by Sonsopkoms Music and Identity Multilingualism and the Public Sector in South Africa Methodology, Speech, Society Metaphor in Zulu Lexicographie et Confection des Dictionnaires au Gabon Language Science and Language Technology in Africa Kultur- und literaturvermittlung Jihad International Dialogue Innovative Practices in the African Water Supply and Sanitation Higher Education in South Africa God for us? Gender & Sexuality in South African Music From Technology Transfer to Intercultural Development Focus on First-Year Success Fishing for Jonah (anew) Festschrift Rufus H. Gouws Ethics and Professionalism Ethical Leadership Einzelgang und Rückkehr im Wandel der Zeit Ecosystem Services in the Gariep Basin Discerning God's Justice in Church, Society and Academy Die Lewende Stem van die Evangelie Deutsch als Herausforderung Curriculum Inquiry in South African Higher Education Church emerging from the cracks Christianity and Earthkeeping Christian Identity Changing Spaces Breaking the Mould Binne die kring-dans van die kuns Background to Sans 10160 An Introduction to Postgraduate Supervision Aantekeninge by Koos Prinsloo A Composer in Africa Diseño y desarrollo de tesauros Seminario Nacional de la Red Estrado: Formación y trabajo docente Mesas de debate de las VII Jornadas de Trabajo sobre Historia Reciente (7 : 2014 : La Plata) Piety in Pieces: How Medieval Readers Customized their Manuscripts Ovid, Metamorphoses, 3.511-733: Latin Text with Introduction, Commentary, Glossary of Terms, Vocabulary Aid and Study Questions Digital Scholarly Editing: Theories and Practices Theatre and War: Notes from the Field Engaging the neighbours. Australia and ASEAN since 1974 Managing Consultants. A practical guide for busy public sector managers The Doubters Dilemma China's New Sources of Economic Growth: Vol. 1. Reform, Resources and Climate Change Black, White and Gold. Goldmining in Papua New Guinea 1878–1930 La formazione docenti con Geogebra Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Government Financing in Serbia and Montenegro 8V Die Gemeinschaftlichkeit der Beweismittel Gilberto Freyre e José Lins do Rego: diálogos do senhor da casa-grande com o menino de engenho Como é possível o conhecimento matemático? As estruturas lógico-matemática a partir da Epistemologia Genética Iniciação científica: aspectos históricos, organizacionais e formativos da atividade no ensino superior brasileiro Instruktionen und andere normative Quellen zur Herrschaftsverwaltung auf den Liechtensteinischen Herrschaften Feldsberg und Wilfersdorf in Niederösterreich (1600-1815) Boii – Taurisci Dilthey als Wissenschaftsphilosoph Der sogenannte "Antiquus Austriacus" und weitere auctores antiquissimi A multi-factor approach to understanding socio-economic segregation in European capital cities Facets of Facebook: Use and Users Weather Index Insurance for smallholder farmers in Africa Van Volksmoeder tot Fokofpolisiekar The Spirituality of Black Hebrew Pentecostals The role of the intermediary organisations in the utilisation of research The Epistemology of Statistical Science The dynamic of knowledge production and utilisation The Churches and the Development Debate Strategic Management Support Technologies in the Public Sector Spirit and Healing in Africa Speaking to Good Effect Spatialities of Urban Change South African Language Rights Monitor 2010 South African Language Rights Monitor 2009 South African Language Rights Monitor 2008 The Many Faces of God South African Language Rights Monitor 2011 Song in Gold Pavilions Research Ethics in Africa Public Management Re-imagining Academic Staff Development Praxis Towards Sustainable Empowering Learning Environments Politics and Higher Education in East Africa (From the 1920s to 1970) No Lesser Place Morality as a Way of Life Oral and Manuscript Culture in the Bible Men in the pulpit, Women in the pew? Maritime Security in Southern African Waters Mapping Systematic Theology in Africa Making and Sharing the space among Women and Men Law, Language and the Multilingual State Living through Languages Film Criticism in Cape Town 1928-1930 Education, Democracy and Citizenship Revisited Economic Perspectives Ecriture et Standardisation des Langues Gabonaises HIV/AIDS, Poverty, and Pastoral Care and Counselling Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Plane Trusses and Frames Die Tand van die Tyd A Century of Postgraduate Anglo Boer War Studies Christian in Public Debating thesis supervision Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 An industry study of the utilisation of public R&D An Experiment in Bible Translation Christianity and Ecological Theology Case Studies of Emerging Farmers and Agribusinesses in South Africa A survey of research utilisation A review of models of research utilisation the Powers of the Head of State in the Legislative and Executive Branch in Former Socialist Systems Crafting the 613 Commandments: Maimonides on the Enumeration, Classification, and Formulation of the Scriptural Commandments Oxidative Stress and Oxygen Radicals/Oxidative Stress in Health and Disease Global Indigeneities and the Environment Medical Innovation: Science, technology and practice Minding Damasio Syntax of Dutch: Verbs and Verb Phrases. Volume 3 The Standard Theory of Particle Physics:Essays to Celebrate CERN's 60th Anniversary Michel Foucault: crítico-esteta-cínico mitigado Guia ilustrado da morfologia do tecido uretral de ratas "Não é só a torcida organizada": o que os torcedores organizados têm a dizer sobre a violência no futebol? Anamorfoses na música eletroacústica mista Saúde: fundamentos de geografia humana Rethinking Canadian Aid : Second Edition Literary Trials - Exceptio Artis and Theories of Literature in Court Two-Dimensional Electronics - Prospects and Challenges Life Cycle Assessment on Green Building Implementation