DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 Transfigured World Chaucer and the Poets Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America Nabokov Russian Formalism Seductive Reasoning Revolutionary Acts By Honor Bound Building a National Literature Reappraisals The Institution of Criticism Proletarian Peasants The Self and Its Pleasures Revolution of the Mind The Electrification of Russia, 1880-1926 Research Guide to the Russian and Soviet Censuses Clarissa's Ciphers Literary Transcendentalism Bread and Circuses Rewolucja Title I segreti degli strumenti di scrittura Korpora in Lehre und Forschung Rhotics. New Data and Perspectives Âme et iPad Relation des avantures de Mathieu Sagean, Canadien Profession éthicien Profession urbaniste Profession traducteur Profession sociologue Profession sinologue Profession psychologue Profession philosophe Profession médiéviste Profession médecin de famille Profession musicologue Profession lexicographe Profession latiniste Profession historienne de l’art Profession historien Profession géographe Profession démographe Profession bibliothécaire Profession astronome Pratiques de l’édition numérique Nouvelle relation de la Gaspésie Mœurs, coutumes et religion des sauvages de l’Amérique septentrionale Lettres à Paul-Émile Borduas Essais critiques I Correspondances Italiano con l'immaginario Gesellschaftlicher Aufbruch, reale Utopien und die Arbeit am Sozialen The Public Value of Anthropology: Engaging Critical Social Issues Through Ethnography Bibliografia Ladina Geschichte der ladinischen Literatur Rätoromanische Bibliographie / Bibliografia retoromanza 1729-2010 L ladin tl sistem formatif/Das Ladinische im Bildungssystem Social Work Practice to the Benefit of Our Clients: Scholarly Legacy of Edward J. Mullen Männliche Lebenswelten Devianza e violenza Rausch und Identität - Jugendliche in Alkoholszenen Sustainable Water Management and Wetland Restoration Strategies in Northern China Social Innovation, Participation and the Development of Society Economies in Beetween (Des)encontros trabalho-família: narrativas de familiares de trabalhadores migrantes do setor de produção de energia hidrelétrica Em torno de Hilda Hilst A crítica que fez história: as associações literárias no Oitocentos Da estátua à pedra: percursos figurativos de José Saramago Das letras às telas: a tradução intersemiótica de ensaio sobre a cegueira Dimensões da cultura e da sociabilidade: os festejos carnavalescos da cidade de São Paulo (1940-1964) Why Icebergs Float: Exploring Science in Everyday Life Writing, Medium, Machine: Modern Technographies Hautes valeurs de conservation (HVC) dans les unités forestières d'aménagement du Cameroun. Concepts, choix et pratiques A desconstrução do construtivismo na educação: crenças e equívocos de professores, autores e críticos Arte-ciência: processos criativos Estudos de literatura e imprensa O poeta-espião: a antilírica de Sebastião Uchoa Leite Uma ciência sobre “coisa” alguma: relações funcionais, comportamento e cultura Wittgenstein e o problema da harmonia entre pensamento e realidade Visiting with the Ancestors: Blackfoot Shirts in Museum Spaces Without Apology: Writings on Abortion in Canada Transkulturelle Verflechtungen - Mediävistische Perspektiven Reformation und Gegenwart - Evangelisches Profil durch ein vierfaches „Allein“? Reinventing Healthy Communities: Implications for Individual and Societal Well-Being La conseguenza di una metamorfosi Bridges to Scandinavia Agent-Based Modelling and Landscape Change Four Histories about Early Dutch Football, 1910-1920 European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information The Dream Is Over: The Crisis of Clark Kerr’s California Idea of Higher Education Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Kenya Social Media in Southeast Italy Precarious Claims: The Promise and Failure of Workplace Protections in the United States Polemics and Patronage in the City of Victory: Vyasatirtha, Hindu Sectarianism, and the Sixteenth-Century Vijayanagara Court Reconsidering Cultural Heritage in East Asia Food Price Policy in an Era of Market Instability: A Political Economy Analysis Scale: Discourse and Dimensions of Social Life Nuclear physics for cultural heritage The CoRoT Legacy Book This Cannot Happen Here: Integration and Jewish Resistance in the Netherlands, 1940-1945 On Strategy Entrepreneurship, Training, Education and Job Creation Chris Brink – Anatomy of a transformer Chris Brink – Anatomie van ’n omvormer Angling for Interpretation Schopenhauer e os conhecimentos intuitivo e abstrato: uma teoria sobre as representações empíricas e abstratas Antropologia da comunicação de massa Hermilo Borba Filho: memória de resistência e resistência da história Os nervos e os ossos do ofício: uma análise etnológica da aula de Anatomia Mixtec Evangelicals Epigenetics and periconception environment The Frontier of Patriotism: Alberta and the First World War Vulnerability and Adaptation to Drought: The Canadian Prairies and South America Hidden Transfers of Assets and Hidden Payouts of Profit Historische Kulturwissenschaften. Positionen, Praktiken und Perspektiven A History of Force Feeding: Hunger Strikes, Prisons and Medical Ethics, 1909-1974 Dissecting the Criminal Corpse: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England Memory Boxes. An Experimental Approach to Cultural Transfer in History, 1500-2000 Emotions, Senses, Spaces: Ethnographic Engagements and Intersections Making Sense as a Cultural Practice. Historical Perspectives Spreading the Written Word: Mikael Agricola and the Birth of Literary Finnish Tradition through Modernity: Postmodernism and the Nation-State in Folklore Scholarship Words as Events: Cretan Mandinádes in Performance and Composition Representations of Finnishness in Sweden The Limits of Patriarchy: How Female Networks of Pilfering and Gossip Sparked the First Debates on Rural Gender Rights in the 19th-Century Finnish-Language Press Names in Focus: An Introduction to Finnish Onomastics Identities in Practice: A Trans-Atlantic Ethnography of Sikh immigrants in Finland and in California Her Own Worth: Negotiations of Subjectivity in the Life Narrative of a Female Labourer Fashion Meets Socialism: Fashion industry in the Soviet Union after the Second World War Kalevipoeg Studies: The Creation and Reception of an Epic Performative Histories, Foundational Fictions: Gender and Sexuality in Niskavuori Films Noble conceptions of politics in eighteenth-century Sweden (ca 1740–1790) Novel Districts: Critical Readings of Monika Fagerholm Riddles: Perspectives on the use, function and change in a folklore genre Peasants; Pilgrims; and Sacred Promises: Ritual and the Supernatural in Orthodox Karelian Folk Religion Across the Oceans: Development of the overseas business information transmission Divine Rulers in a Secular State The Irish Folklore Commission 1935-1970: History, ideology, methodology Helsinki in Early Twentieth-Century Literature: Urban Experiences in Finnish Prose Fiction 1890-1940 The Enemy Within: Homicide and Control in Eastern Finland in the Final Years of Swedish Rule 1748-1808 Im Diesseits das Jenseits bereiten - Eschatologie, Laienbildung und Zeitkritik bei den mittelniederländischen Autoren Jan von Boendale, Lodewijk van Velthem und Jan van Leeuwen