In the summer and fall of 2012 DOAB conducted research on user needs, to evaluate the users’ experiences of DOAB and to identify needs and expectations with respect to (a directory of) Open Access books.

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As part of the user needs research an open and online discussion has been hosted on the DOAB mailing list and the DOABlog from the 9th until the 22nd of July of 2012. This online discussion with publishers, scholars, and with the wider Open Access and publishing community focused on getting an overview of opinions and views that exist on Open Access books, and quality control, peer review and Open Access publishing of books.

User needs survey

DOAB has also conducted a more formal user needs survey in August. This survey focused on providing feedback about the platform and on establishing user requirements with respect to the service, its sustainability and on the future of Open Access book production, distribution and consumption more in general. The survey focused amongst others on entry requirements, and on quality, copyright and meta-data demands.

Download the DOAB User Needs Report

The DOAB report is intended for the wider academic and publishing community, and advises in the establishment of procedures, criteria and standards for the DOAB platform and services and provides guidelines and recommendations for admissions to DOAB and for its sustainability and further development.
You can download the entire report here: DOAB User Needs Report.
The summary of the report is also available.

We have used the results of the report to devise guidelines and recommendations for admissions to DOAB and for its further development and sustainability.