DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 The Juggler of Notre Dame and the Medievalizing of Modernity. Volume 6: War and Peace, Sex and Violence Mechanical Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys Evaluation of Systems’ Irregularity and Complexity: Sample Entropy, Its Derivatives, and Their Applications across Scales and Disciplines Sustainable Freight Transport Recent Advances in Smart Materials for the Built Environment Laser-Based Nano Fabrication and Nano Lithography Interface Circuits for Microsensor Integrated Systems Molecular Features Distinguishing Gastric Cancer Subtypes Progress in Mathematical Ecology Groundwater Contamination and Remediation Advances in Micro-Bioreactor Design for Organ Cell Studies Dairy Products Biodegradable Metals Gender and STEM: Understanding Segregation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Plumes d'azur. Histoire naturelle du martin-pêcheur d'Europe The Juggler of Notre Dame and the Medievalizing of Modernity: Volume 5: Tumbling into the Twentieth Century The Life and Letters of William Sharp and "Fiona Macleod". Volume 1: 1855-1894 Transforming Encounters and Critical Reflection: African Thought, Critical Theory, and Liberation Theology in Dialogue Zinc Oxide Nanostructures: Synthesis and Characterization Los estudios jurídicos en la universidad salmantina del siglo XIX. Volumen 2 - Anexos Il lavoro della talpa: Scritti su Marx O dilema preventivista : contribuição para a compreensão e crítica da medicina preventiva Educação, saúde e esporte : novos desafios à Educação Física A gestão do SUS no âmbito estadual : o caso do Rio de Janeiro Contos de Fatos : histórias de Manguinhos As causas sociais das iniqüidades em saúde no Brasil Etnicidade na América Latina : um debate sobre raça, saúde e direitos reprodutivos História da saúde no Rio de Janeiro : instituições e patrimônio arquitetônico (1808-1958) Medicamentos no Brasil : inovação e acesso Segurança do Paciente : criando organizações de saúde seguras, Vol. 2 Vidas ao léu : trajetórias de exclusão social Vigilância alimentar e nutricional para a saúde Indígena, Vol. 2 Interplay of Connexins and Pannexins in Tissue Function and Disease Assistance Robotics and Biosensors Sustainability Transition Towards a Bio-Based Economy: New Technologies, New Products, New Policies Advances in Welding Metal Alloys, Dissimilar Metals and Additively Manufactured Parts Forschung und Lehre als identit Das Prinzip Enthusiasmus Interpretive Social Research Transfer von Expertenwissen in der Fr Konstituierung einer Kulturlandschaft M Zwischen Liebesideal und Realismus Ciencias criminales en Alemania desde una perspectiva comparada e internacional Fuzzy Mathematics Econometrics and Income Inequality First-Principles Approaches to Metals, Alloys, and Metallic Compounds QoS in Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks and Systems Hydrological Hazard: Analysis and Prevention Boccaccio: gli antichi e i moderni A Vision of Africa's Future Confronting an "Axis of Cyber"? UAV or Drones for Remote Sensing Applications UAV or Drones for Remote Sensing Applications Functional and Bioactive Properties of Food Genetics and Genomics of Forest Trees Mobile Genetic Elements in Cellular Differentiation, Genome Stability, and Cancer Role of Health Economic Data in Policy Making and Reimbursement of New Medical Technologies Ethylene: A Key Regulatory Molecule in Plants From Organizational Welfare to Business Success: Higher Performance in Healthy Organizational Environments Delli Aspetti de Paesi. Old and New Media for the Image of the Landscape: Volume 1. Representation, Memory, Preservation Delli Aspetti de Paesi. Vecchi e nuovi Media per l’Immagine del Paesaggio: Tomo I. Costruzione, descrizione, identità storica La città, il viaggio, il turismo: Percezione, produzione e trasformazione CITTÀ D’EUROPA E CULTURA URBANISTICA NEL MEZZOGIORNO BORBONICO: Il patrimonio iconografico della raccolta Palatina nella Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli ASMOD 2018: Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Statistical Modelling of Ordinal Data Diffrazioni (Due): La psicoanalisi fra Kultur e civilizzazione Federico d'Aragona (1451-1504): Politica e ideologia nella dinastia aragonese di Napoli Mineralogy of Quartz and Silica Minerals Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry of Precious Metals Aulas abiertas. Profesores viajeros y renovación de la enseñanza secundaria en los países ibéricos (1900-1936) Oposiciones a cátedras de Derecho (1847-1943) Organogenesis From Development to Disease Closed-Loop Systems for Next-Generation Neuroprostheses Understanding Selfies Tailoring NK Cell Receptor-Ligand Interactions: An Art in Evolution Game Changer - Next Generation Sequencing and its Impact on Food Microbiology Is the Recent Burst of Therapeutic Anti-Tumor Antibodies the Tip of an Iceberg? HIV-Induced Damage of B Cells and Production of HIV Neutralizing Antibodies Pre-cueing Effects on Perception, Attention, and Cognitive Penetrability Fishing for Human Perceptions in Coastal and Island Marine Resource Use Systems Brain Oscillations in Human Communication Pathologic Conditions of the Human Nervous and Muscular Systems Associated with Mutant Chaperones: Molecular and Mechanistic Aspects Embodying the Self: Neurophysiological Perspectives on the Psychopathology of Anomalous Bodily Experiences Cell Signaling in Host-Pathogen Interactions: The Host Point of View Mega Quakes: Cascading Earthquake Hazards and Compounding Risks Multitasking: Executive Functioning in Dual-Task and Task Switching Situations Music and the Functions of the Brain: Arousal, Emotions, and Pleasure Intrinsic Clocks Controversies Frontiers in Earth Science - Editor Fragmentation in Sleep and Mind: Linking Dissociative Symptoms, Sleep, and Memory Educating the Global Workforce for Public Health Reassessing Twenty Years of Vaccine Development Against Tuberculosis Psychological Responses to Violations of Expectations: Perspectives and Answers from Diverse Fields of Psychology Harvesting Plant and Microbial Biodiversity for Sustainably Enhanced Food Security The Uncanny Valley Hypothesis and beyond The Roles of GnIH in Reproductive Function and Behavior Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-Relative SUMO in DNA Damage Response Evolution of Reproductive Organs in Land Plants Molecular Biology of Bamboo mosaic Virus - A Type Member of the Potexvirus Genus Data-Based Radiation Oncology - Design of Clinical Trials Metastable Dynamics of Neural Ensembles New Models of Care for Patients with Severe Mental Illness - Bridging In- and Outpatients Triage in Conservation The Underrepresentation of Women in Science: International and Cross-Disciplinary Evidence and Debate Emerging Approaches for Typing, Detection, Characterization, and Traceback of Escherichia coli, 2nd Edition Single-Domain Antibodies: Biology, Engineering and Emerging Applications Transitions Between Consciousness and Unconsciousness Vision in Cephalopods Multiple Identities Management Neuro-Development and Psychological Issues in Congenital Heart Defects Applications of Quantum Mechanical Techniques to Areas Outside of Quantum Mechanics Engineering Rumen Metabolic Pathways: Where We Are, and Where Are We Heading Are Rodent Models Fit for Investigation of Human Obesity and Related Diseases? Self-Eating on Demand: Autophagy in Cancer and Cancer Therapy Dynamics of Joint-Action, Social Coordination and Multi-Agent Activity Processing Across Languages Macrocognition: The Science and Engineering of Sociotechnical Work Systems Touch Screen Tablets Touching Children's Lives Brain Networks in Aging: Reorganization and Modulation by Interventions Fluency and Reading Comprehension in Typical Readers and Dyslexics Readers Can't Get You Out of My Head: Brain-Body Interactions in Perseverative Cognition Relevance of Translational Regulation on Plant Growth and Environmental Responses From Consumer Experience to Affective Loyalty: Challenges and Prospects in the Psychology of Consumer Behavior 3.0 Chocolate and Health: Friend or Foe? The Vascular Niche in Tissue Repair: A Therapeutic Target for Regeneration Molecular Organization of Membranes: Where Biology Meets Biophysics Psychosocial Job Dimensions and Distress/Well-Being: Issues and Challenges in Occupational Health Psychology Evolution of Gene Regulatory Networks in Plant Development High-Intensity Exercise in Hypoxia - Beneficial Aspects and Potential Drawbacks Natural Antibodies in Health and Disease Natural Killer Cells in Human Diseases: Friends or Foes? The Neonatal Immune System: A Unique Host-Microbial Interface Plants' Responses to Novel Environmental Pressures Artificial Neural Networks as Models of Neural Information Processing The Trigemino-Cardiac Reflex: Beyond the Diving Reflex Trends in Comparative Endocrinology and Neurobiology The Cognition of Sequences Update on the Treatment of Metastatic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in New Era of Personalised Medicine On the Origin and Function of Human NK-like CD8+ T Cells: Charting New Territories The Pathogenetic Mechanisms at the Basis of Aortopathy Associated with Bicuspid Aortic Valve: Insights from "Omics", Models of Disease and Emergent Technologies Genetics of Acquired Antimicrobial Resistance in Animal and Zoonotic Pathogens Advances in Research on Age in the Workplace and Retirement Peripheral Nervous System-Machine Interfaces Charged Particles in Oncology International Perspectives on Health and Safety Among Dairy Workers Challenges, Solutions and the Future About the Foodborne Pathogen Campylobacter Interaction of Nanomaterials with the Immune System: Role in Nanosafety and Nanomedicinenanomedicine Allorecognition by Leukocytes of the Adaptive Immune System Role of Protein-Protein Interactions in Metabolism: Genetics, Structure, Function Modeling Disease Spread and Control Mental Health Challenges in Elite Sport: Balancing Risk with Reward Immunobiotics: Interactions of Beneficial Microbes with the Immune System Epigenetic Modifications Associated with Abiotic and Biotic Stresses in Plants: An Implication for Understanding Plant Evolution Biology of Brain Disorders NETosis 2: The Excitement Continues Neuroimmune Interface in Health and Diseases Continuous Quality Improvement - Advancing Understanding of Design, Application, Impact and Evaluation of CQI Approaches Organic Ligands in Marine Trace Metal Biogeochemistry Alternatives to Antimicrobial Growth Promoters and Their Impact in Gut Microbiota, Health and Disease Social Cognition, Motivation, and Interaction How Do People Respond to Threats in Social Interactions? The Clinical and Ethical Practice of Neuromodulation - Deep Brain Stimulation and Beyond Novel Therapeutic Targets and Emerging Treatments for Fibrosis Systems Biology and the Challenge of Deciphering the Metabolic Mechanisms Underlying Cancer The Neurobiology and Genetics of Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: New Avenues through Large-Scale Collaborative Projects Type 1; Bladder innervation; bone mineralization Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Swine Evaluation of Building Resilience Under Earthquake Input Using Single, Double and Multiple Impulses Advances in Computer Simulation Studies on Crystal Growth Metasurfaces: Physics and Applications Magnesium Intake and Human Health Religion and Crime: Theory, Research, and Practice Zeitgenössische jüdische Autobiographie Wortschatz: Theorie, Empirie, Dokumentation Wirtschaft und Wirtschaftspolitik in Deutschland. 75 Jahre RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung e.V. 1943–2018 Wirklichkeit oder Konstruktion? Sprachtheoretische und interdisziplinäre Aspekte einer brisanten Alternative We Were All in Adam. The Unity of Mankind in Adam in the Teaching of the Church Fathers Voces de mujeres en la Edad Media. Entre realidad y ficción Victimhood and Acknowledgement. The Other Side of Terrorism Variation – Normen – Identitäten The Use of Signing Space in a Shared Sign Language of Australia The Reparations Controversy. The Jewish State and German Money in the Shadow of the Holocaust 1951-1952 The Nivison Annals. Selected Works of David S. Nivison on Early Chinese Chronology, Astronomy, and Historiography The German-Jewish Experience Revisited The Construct of Identity in Hellenistic Judaism. Essays on Early Jewish Literature and History The Boundaries of Europe. From the Fall of the Ancient World to the Age of Decolonisation The Book of Job. Aesthetics, Ethics, Hermeneutics Text - Verstehen. Grammatik und darüber hinaus Standardvariation. Wie viel Variation verträgt die deutsche Sprache? Stalin und die Deutschen. Neue Beiträge der Forschung Sprachwissenschaft im Fokus. Positionsbestimmungen und Perspektiven Sprachverfall? Dynamik – Wandel – Variation Sprachliches Wissen zwischen Lexikon und Grammatik Sprachliche Muster. Eine induktive korpuslinguistische Analyse wissenschaftlicher Texte Sprachkorpora – Datenmengen und Erkenntnisfortschritt Sprachen, Völker und Phantome. Sprach- und kulturwissenschaftliche Studien zur Ethnizität Sprache und Kognition. Ereigniskonzeptualisierung im Deutschen und Tschechischen Sprache intermedial. Stimme und Schrift, Bild und Ton Sprache im kommunikativen, interaktiven und kulturellen Kontext Sprache - Kognition - Kultur. Sprache zwischen mentaler Struktur und kultureller Prägung Spanien und der Holocaust Soncino – Gesellschaft der Freunde des jüdischen Buches. Ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte Sign Languages in Village Communities. Anthropological and Linguistic Insights Sign Language Research, Uses and Practices. Crossing Views on Theoretical and Applied Sign Language Linguistics Scepticism and Anti-Scepticism in Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Thought Rewriting Maimonides. Early Commentaries on the Guide of the Perplexed Planning in Cold War Europe. Competition, Cooperation, Circulations (1950s-1970s) Pacific Climate Cultures. Living Climate Change in Oceania Ontological Investigations. An Inquiry into the Categories of Nature, Man and Society Neuanfang auf Trümmern. Die Tagebücher des Bremer Bürgermeisters Theodor Spitta 1945-1947 Mouth Actions in Sign Languages. An Empirical Study of Irish Sign Language Modal and Focus Particles in Sign Languages. A Cross-Linguistic Study Microwave Based Weed Control and Soil Treatment Medizinische Gutachten des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts. Sprachhistorische Untersuchungen zu einer Textsortenklasse Making Religion and Human Rights at the United Nations Landscape's Revenge. The ecology of failure in Robert Walser and Bernardo Carvalho Lament in Jewish Thought. Philosophical, Theological, and Literary Perspectives Kriminologie in der Zivilgesellschaft. Wissenschaftsdiskurse und die britische Öffentlichkeit, 1830-1945 Korpuslinguistik Kooperative Informationsinfrastrukturen als Chance und Herausforderung. Festschrift für Thomas Bürger zum 65. Geburtstag Konstruktion von Sprache und Sprachwissen. Eine empirische Studie zur Schriftsprachaneignung sprachstarker und sprachschwacher Kinder Kognition und Reflexion: Zur Theorie filmischen Denkens Kafka and the Universal Jüdische Expatriates in China und Hong Kong nach 1976. Religiöse Dynamik im Zeichen der Expat-Migration Johanssonian Investigations. Essays in Honour of Ingvar Johansson on His Seventieth Birthday Jews and Germans in Eastern Europe. Shared and Comparative Histories Jeux de mots, textes et contextes Jeux de mots et créativité. Langue(s), discours et littérature IT für soziale Inklusion. Digitalisierung – Künstliche Intelligenz – Zukunft für alle Isaac Orobio. The Jewish Argument with Dogma and Doubt Is there a Judeo-Christian Tradition? A European Perspective Image – Action – Space. Situating the Screen in Visual Practice Homosexuelle im Nationalsozialismus. Neue Forschungsperspektiven zu Lebenssituationen von lesbischen, schwulen, bi-, trans- und intersexuellen Menschen 1933 bis 1945 Handbuch der deutsch-jüdischen Literatur Grammatiktheorie und Empirie in der germanistischen Linguistik Global Histories of Work German Rabbis in British Exile. From ‘Heimat’ into the Unknown Formational Units in Sign Languages Filmische Seitenblicke. Cinepoetische Exkursionen ins Kino von 1968 Experimentalphysik. Mechanik Exodus. Rezeptionen in deuterokanonischer und frühjüdischer Literatur Ergonomics For People With Disabilities. Design For Accessibility Dynamiken politischer Imagination. Die deutschsprachige Utopie von Stifter bis Döblin in ihren internationalen Kontexten, 1848-1930 Digitale Infrastrukturen für die germanistische Forschung Die Sprache der Judenfeindschaft im 21. Jahrhundert Die SED in der Ära Honecker. Machtstrukturen, Entscheidungsmechanismen und Konfliktfelder in der Staatspartei 1971 bis 1989 Die Münchner NSDAP 1925–1933. Eine Untersuchung zur inneren Struktur der NSDAP in der Weimarer Republik Dialogue as a Trans-disciplinary Concept. Martin Buber’s Philosophy of Dialogue and its Contemporary Reception Deutsche Grammatik - Regeln, Normen, Sprachgebrauch Deutsch im Sprachvergleich. Grammatische Kontraste und Konvergenzen Der Kapitalismus entdeckt das Volk. Wie die deutschen Großbanken in den 1950er und 1960er Jahren zu ihrer privaten Kundschaft kamen Der Faschismus in Europa. Wege der Forschung Der Berliner „jüdische Salon“ um 1800. Emanzipation in der Debatte Death in Jewish Life. Burial and Mourning Customs Among Jews of Europe and Nearby Communities Das Kulturerbe deutschsprachiger Juden. Eine Spurensuche in den Ursprungs-, Transit- und Emigrationsländern Das Deutsch der Migranten Cultures and Traditions of Wordplay and Wordplay Research Crossing Languages to Play with Words. Multidisciplinary Perspectives Contesting Religion. The Media Dynamics of Cultural Conflicts in Scandinavia Contemporary Debates in Bioethics: European Perspectives Bild und Schrift auf 'magischen' Artefakten Besatzung und Staatsaufbau nach 1945. Occupation Diary and Private Correspondence 1945-1948 Being Jewish in 21st-Century Germany Authorship and Text-making in Early China Auf der Suche nach einem anderen Deutschland. Das Verhältnis Frankreichs zur DDR im Spannungsfeld von Perzeption und Diplomatie Ästhetik des Gemachten. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung Armut und Wahnsinn. Arme Irre und ihre Familien im Spannungsfeld von Psychiatrie und Armenfürsorge in Glasgow, 1875-1921 Ancient Jewish Prayers and Emotions. Emotions associated with Jewish prayer in and around the Second Temple period Am Rande der Fotografie. Eine Medialitätsgeschichte des Fotogramms im 19. Jahrhundert Alltag im Holocaust. Jüdisches Leben im Großdeutschen Reich 1941-1945 Akten zur Auswärtigen Politik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1972 Akten zur Auswärtigen Politik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1971 Immobilized Biocatalysts Disability Human Rights Law 2018 Plant Microbe Interaction 2017 Polymer Nanocomposites Cell Lineage Choice During Haematopoiesis: A Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Antonius Rolink The Bundesverfassungsgericht’s human dignity review: Solange III and its application in subsequent case law La tradizione gnomica nelle letterature germaniche medievali Separarsi e divorziare senza giudice? Destinazione Jihad. I foreign fighters d'Italia