DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 Kommunikationstechnische Optimierung eines energieautarken funkbasierten Sensorkonzepts Stadt als Schule The Pathologisation of Homosexuality in Fascist Italy Psychiatry and Decolonisation in Uganda The Ethics of Vaccination Le Front national Pratiques de l'intime La promenade au tournant des XVIIIe et XIXe siècles (Belgique – France – Angleterre) Art et religion Ordres et désordres au Caucase Portés par l'air du temps Masculinités Formes et figures du goût chinois dans les anciens Pays-Bas The future of mutual recognition in criminal matters in the European Union / L’avenir de la reconnaissance mutuelle en matière pénale dans l’Union européenne Femmes exilées politiques Population, commerce et religion au siècle des Lumières Topographie du sacré. L’emprise religieuse sur l’espace Assumer l’humanité Lombardie et Pays-Bas autrichiens Le vote des Belges (Bruxelles – Wallonie, 10 juin 2007) Colonialismes L’Union européenne et l’immigration clandestine La croix et la bannière Espaces et parcours dans la ville. Bruxelles au XVIIIe siècle Où va la Russie ? Une Europe des élites La Constitution européenne Extrême droite et pouvoir en Europe. The extreme right parties and power in Europe Le XVIIIe, un siècle de décadence ? Les théâtres de société au XVIIIe siècle Mystique Les partis régionalistes en Europe. Des acteurs en développement ? Voltaire et Rousseau dans le théâtre de la Révolution française (1789-1799) Aides d'État Social Democracy in Europe Bruxellois à Vienne, Viennois à Bruxelles Maître Eckhart et Jan van Ruusbroec L'émergence des beaux-arts en Belgique Où va la social-démocratie européenne ? Débats, enjeux, perspectives La duchesse du Maine (1676-1753) La sacralisation du pouvoir Mélanges en hommage à Jean-Victor Louis Les Pays-Bas espagnols et les États du Saint Empire (1559-1579) Démocraties chrétiennes et conservatismes en Europe « Sectes » et « hérésies », de l'Antiquité à nos jours Le développement durable des territoires L'espace pénal européen Libéralismes et partis libéraux en Europe Partis politiques et démocratie en Europe centrale et orientale La constitution de l'Europe Gestion et entretien des bâtiments royaux dans les Pays-Bas autrichiens (1715-1794) La population étudiante Les fédérations européennes de partis Le marquis de Gages (1739-1787) Le principe de précaution Le mode de scrutin fait-il l'élection ? Le nouveau modèle européen. Volume 1 Le nouveau modèle européen. Volume 2 Il Palazzo dell'Università: casa comune della cultura giuridica People, Texts and Artefacts: Cultural Transmission in the Medieval Norman Worlds 283 Creative Spaces: Urban Culture and Marginality in Latin America 232 Brazil: Essays on History and Politics Gender in medieval places, spaces and thresholds Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean The Family Firm: Monarchy, Mass Media and the British Public, 1932-53 'She said she was in the family way': Pregnancy and infancy in modern Ireland Profession and Performance: Aspects of oratory in the Greco-Roman world Persuasive Language in Cicero Octavia Hill, social activism and the remaking of British society Medieval Merchants and Money: Essays in Honour of James L. Bolton London and beyond: Essays in honour of Derek Keene Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in The Commonwealth Healthcare in Ireland and Britain 1850-1970: Voluntary, regional and comparative perspectives Gender and Historiography: Studies in the earlier middle ages in honour of Pauline Stafford Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights: (Neo)colonialism, Neoliberalism, Resistance and Hope Empty Spaces: perspectives on emptiness in modern history Electronic Signatures in Law Electronic Evidence Brave new world: Imperial and democratic nation-building in Britain between the wars A history of the French in London: liberty, equality, opportunity Ravenna: its role in earlier medieval change and exchange Thomas Frederick Tout (1855-1929): refashioning history for the twentieth century Digital Transformation and Public Services Geografi, kunnskap, vitenskap War and Law in the Islamic World Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie (1685-1712) Advancing the Learning Agenda in Jewish Education Bonobo Cognition and Behaviour Les partis politiques en France Regards sur le sexe Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-2012) Le blasphème Capítulos de história dos comunistas no Brasil A reinvenção do desenvolvimento : agências multilaterais e produção sociológica The Refugee Reception Crisis Formas del pasado : Conciencia histórica, historiografías, memorias Cómo enseñar la historia reciente argentina : Lectura, traducción y producción en una escuela del expartido de General Sarmiento Cómo enseñar la historia reciente argentina : Lectura, traducción y producción en una escuela del expartido de General Sarmiento Ñande Yvera = Nuestro Iberá : Encrucijadas hacia un destino de enajenación de los esteros Labour and Value: Rethinking Marx’s Theory of Exploitation Engaging Researchers with Data Management: The Cookbook Chapter 1 (Why) do Eurosceptics believe in a common European heritage? Chapter 4 ‘A great bliss to keep the sensation of conquest alive!’ Chapter 6 Textures of urban fears Chapter 10 Between appropriation and appropriateness Derecho ex cathedra. 1847-1936 Diccionario de catedráticos españoles Surgical Ophthalmic Oncology Evidence Use in Health Policy Making Evidence Use in Health Policy Making Scientific Integrity The Responsibility of Intellectuals The Wild East Chapter 1 Introductions Chapter 2 Practical gender in critical pedagogy Introduction Chapter One (The Wrong Kind of ) Gonorrhea in Antiquity Chapter Five Chlamydia Chapter Twelve Revealing the Hidden Affliction Verfassungsrechtliche Fragen des Ausstiegs aus der Nutzung der Kernenergie zur Stromerzeugung Grand Opéra vor Gericht Reflexive Demokratie Finanzielle Allgemeinbildung Verwaltungsverfahren und Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz Naturschutzethik Recht und Geschlecht Das Grundrecht auf Gleichberechtigung Wachsende Staatsaufgaben - sinkende Steuerungsfähigkeit des Rechts Informationelle Selbstbestimmung Social unrest in China: a bird’s-eye view Public Management as a Design-Oriented Professional Discipline El elemento germánico en el Derecho español Diálogos sobre a religião natural E-science e políticas públicas para ciência, tecnologia e inovação no Brasil Os jovens e a História : Brasil e América do Sul Literatura y Cultura en la Grecia Antigua Los estudiantes del Profesorado en Educación Física: Ingreso y egreso a la educación superior Obreros y obreras de Swift: La época de los ingleses, la época de los militares y la época del cierre Sentidos y prácticas sobre la educación y los usos del cuerpo: Intercambios académicos entre Argentina, Brasil, Colombia y Uruguay El Juicio a las Juntas: Discursos entre política y justicia en la transición argentina El Juicio a las Juntas: Discursos entre política y justicia en la transición argentina Ética, ciencia y política : Hacia un paradigma ético integral en investigación Actas de la I Jornada de Estudiantes de Lenguas Modernas (2017 : Ensenada) Expresiones de violencia en la literatura: De Grecia a nuestros días Chapter 9 Coal, ash, and other tales Digital Classical Philology 3D Printing Emergency Medicine and Trauma European Local Pig Breeds - Diversity and Performance. A study of project TREASURE Emerging Solar Energy Materials Dental Anatomy Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience - Principles, Algorithms and Applications Recent Trends in Computational Science and Engineering Multi-purposeful Application of Geospatial Data Advances in Ebola Control Statistical Approaches With Emphasis on Design of Experiments Applied to Chemical Processes Adaptive Robust Control Systems Computational Fluid Dynamics - Basic Instruments and Applications in Science Sintering of Functional Materials Human Anatomy - Reviews and Medical Advances Advancing Insights on Brand Management Hydro-Geomorphology - Models and Trends Search and Rescue Robotics - From Theory to Practice RoCKIn - Benchmarking Through Robot Competitions Nanoscaled Films and Layers Properties and Applications of Polymer Dielectrics A Critical Evaluation of Vitamin D - Clinical Overview Computational Optimization in Engineering - Paradigms and Applications A Critical Evaluation of Vitamin D - Basic Overview Vitamin K2 - Vital for Health and Wellbeing ICT - Energy Concepts for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Superfood and Functional Food - An Overview of Their Processing and Utilization Laparoscopic Surgery Biomass Volume Estimation and Valorization for Energy Poultry Science International Trade - On the Brink of Change Proceedings of the 2nd Czech-China Scientific Conference 2016 X-ray Scattering New Advances in Hydrogenation Processes - Fundamentals and Applications Biological Activities and Application of Marine Polysaccharides Canine Medicine - Recent Topics and Advanced Research Perusal of the Finite Element Method Special Topics in Drug Discovery Geohazards Caused by Human Activity Epidemiology of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases - Attributes of Lifestyle and Nature on Humankind Proceedings of the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies (ICIS 2016) - Interdisciplinarity and Creativity in the Knowledge Society Applications of Spatial Statistics The Gut Microbiome - Implications for Human Disease Cholesterol Lowering Therapies and Drugs Advances in Tribology Land Degradation and Desertification - a Global Crisis Assessment of Cellular and Organ Function and Dysfunction using Direct and Derived MRI Methodologies Artificial Neural Networks - Models and Applications Ischemic Stroke - Updates Management of Hazardous Wastes Developments in Combustion Technology Zeolites - Useful Minerals Groundwater - Contaminant and Resource Management Cannabinoids in Health and Disease Beekeeping and Bee Conservation - Advances in Research Seminars in Dysphagia Drug Discovery and Development - From Molecules to Medicine Sexology in Midwifery Storage Stability of Fuels New Trends in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - Official Book of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine MATLAB Applications for the Practical Engineer Biodiversity - The Dynamic Balance of the Planet Diagnosis and Management of Oral Lesions and Conditions: A Resource Handbook for the Clinician ICT - Energy - Concepts Towards Zero - Power Information and Communication Technology Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Manual Management Strategies to Adapt Alpine Space Forests to Climate Change Risks Biodegradation - Life of Science Micro-Nano Mechatronics - New Trends in Material, Measurement, Control, Manufacturing and Their Applications in Biomedical Engineering Environmental Change and Sustainability Advances in Biomaterials Science and Biomedical Applications Abiotic Stress - Plant Responses and Applications in Agriculture State of the Art in Biosensors - General Aspects Ultra-Wideband Radio Technologies for Communications, Localization and Sensor Applications Lactic Acid Bacteria - R & D for Food, Health and Livestock Purposes The Amygdala - A Discrete Multitasking Manager Nanowires - Recent Advances Olive Germplasm - Italian Catalogue of Olive Varieties Olive Germplasm - The Olive Cultivation, Table Olive and Olive Oil Industry in Italy Small-Scale Energy Harvesting Plasmonics - Principles and Applications Hydrogenation Advanced Elastomers - Technology, Properties and Applications Clay Minerals in Nature - Their Characterization, Modification and Application Transfusion Medicine Made Easy For Students of Biomedical Science, Allied Medical Sciences and Medicine The Delivery of Nanoparticles Advances in Selected Plant Physiology Aspects Infrared Spectroscopy - Life and Biomedical Sciences Rural Development - Contemporary Issues and Practices The Role of Osteotomy in the Correction of Congenital and Acquired Disorders of the Skeleton Molecular Dynamics - Theoretical Developments and Applications in Nanotechnology and Energy Advances in Wavelet Theory and Their Applications in Engineering, Physics and Technology Tropical Forests International Perspectives on Global Environmental Change Wireless Power Transfer - Principles and Engineering Explorations Salmonella - A Dangerous Foodborne Pathogen Non-Flavivirus Encephalitis Pesticides in the Modern World - Pesticides Use and Management Ionic Liquids - Classes and Properties Numerical Simulations of Physical and Engineering Processes The Importance of Biological Interactions in the Study of Biodiversity Soil Contamination On Biomimetics Nanocomposites with Unique Properties and Applications in Medicine and Industry Advances in Ceramics - Characterization, Raw Materials, Processing, Properties, Degradation and Healing Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Reviews, Refinements and New Ideas in Face Recognition Advances in Modern Woven Fabrics Technology Wind Tunnels and Experimental Fluid Dynamics Research The Economic Geography of Globalization Applied Tissue Engineering Electricity Infrastructures in the Global Marketplace Physics and Applications of Graphene - Theory Desalination, Trends and Technologies Heat Transfer - Theoretical Analysis, Experimental Investigations and Industrial Systems Pesticides - Formulations, Effects, Fate Woven Fabric Engineering Passive Microwave Components and Antennas Face Recognition Biomimetics Learning from Nature Advances in Haptics Tissue Engineering Polymer Thin Films Modelling, Simulation and Optimization Electrodeposited Nanowires and their Applications Lithography Nanofibers Advances in Solid State Lasers Development and Applications Aerospace Technologies Advancements Recent Optical and Photonic Technologies Industrial Robotics: Programming, Simulation and Applications El elemento germánico en el Derecho español From Conventional to Innovative Approaches for Pain Treatment Applied Surface Science Essentials of Abdominal Ultrasound Prediction of Maternal and Fetal Syndrome of Preeclampsia Protecting Rice Grains in the Post-Genomic Era Cytotoxicity - Definition, Identification, and Cytotoxic Compounds Hypersonic Vehicles - Past, Present and Future Developments Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles - Ensuring Reliable Driverless Navigation and Control Maneuver Noise and Vibration Control - From Theory to Practice Neonatal Medicine Use of Gamma Radiation Techniques in Peaceful Applications Vaccines - the History and Future Strawberry - Pre- and Post-Harvest Management Techniques for Higher Fruit Quality Chemistry and Applications of Benzimidazole and its Derivatives Active Learning - Beyond the Future Perioperative Care for Organ Transplant Recipient Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa Pseudomonas Aeruginosa - An Armory Within Muscular Dystrophies Palliative Care Asthma - Biological Evidences Microencapsulation - Processes, Technologies and Industrial Applications Aldosterone-Mineralocorticoid Receptor - Cell Biology to Translational Medicine Aortic Stenosis - Current Perspectives Constipation Bile Duct Cancer Holographic Materials and Applications Applied Mathematics Proteomics Technologies and Applications Family Therapy - New Intervention Programs and Researches Current Trends in Cancer Management Redirecting Alzheimer Strategy - Tracing Memory Loss to Self Pathology A Practical Guide to Clinical Application of OCT in Ophthalmology Bioluminescence - Analytical Applications and Basic Biology Microemulsion - a Chemical Nanoreactor The Universe of Escherichia coli Carotid Artery - Gender and Health New Insights into Systemic Sclerosis Enhanced Expert Systems Indoor Environment and Health Vignettes in Patient Safety - Volume 4 Interactive Multimedia - Multimedia Production and Digital Storytelling Advances in Photodetectors - Research and Applications Green Chemistry Applications Chronic Autoimmune Epithelitis - Sjogren's Syndrome and Other Autoimmune Diseases of the Exocrine Glands Helicobacter Pylori - New Approaches of an Old Human Microorganism Traumatic Brain Injury - Neurobiology, Diagnosis and Treatment Glycerine Production and Transformation - An Innovative Platform for Sustainable Biorefinery and Energy Hydrology - The Science of Water Earthquakes - Impact, Community Vulnerability and Resilience Heat and Mass Transfer - Advances in Science and Technology Applications Cardiac Diseases and Interventions in 21st Century Indigenous, Aboriginal, Fugitive and Ethnic Groups Around the Globe Micro-grids - Applications, Operation, Control and Protection Nanoemulsions - Properties, Fabrications and Applications Food Engineering Scars Neuroethics in Principle and Praxis - Conceptual Foundations Advances in Grape and Wine Biotechnology Knowledges on Thyroid Cancer Lunar Science Multiplexing Plant Physiological Aspects of Phenolic Compounds Trichoderma - The Most Widely Used Fungicide Kinematics - Analysis and Applications Gas Chromatography - Derivatization, Sample Preparation, Application Anaerobic Digestion Novel Diagnostic Methods in Ophthalmology Mycotoxins - Impact and Management Strategies Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Natural Hazards - Risk, Exposure, Response, and Resilience Interferometry - Recent Developments and Contemporary Applications Embryology - Theory and Practice The Art of Body Contouring Current Issues in Knowledge Management Yeasts in Biotechnology Silicon Materials Peripheral T-cell Lymphomas Corrosion Inhibitors Current Topics in Biochemical Engineering Nanocatalysts Pattern Recognition - Selected Methods and Applications Artificial Intelligence - Applications in Medicine and Biology Amyloid Diseases Nuclear Medicine Physics Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders Water and Wastewater Treatment Municipal Solid Waste Management Treatment of Brachial Plexus Injuries Milk Production, Processing and Marketing Animal Domestication Pesticides - Use and Misuse and Their Impact in the Environment Infective Endocarditis Magnetic Resonance Imaging Tailored Treatments in Psoriatic Patients Biological Research in Aquatic Science Exploitation of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources - Hydraulic Fracturing and Other Recovery and Assessment Techniques Liquid Biopsy Blood Groups Trauma in Dentistry Urban and Architectural Heritage Conservation within Sustainability Eye Motility Oscillators - Recent Developments Advances in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Estrogen Limnology - Some New Aspects of Inland Water Ecology Phosphorus - Recovery and Recycling Parkinson's Disease and Beyond - A Neurocognitive Approach Ubiquitin Proteasome System - Current Insights into Mechanism Cellular Regulation and Disease Immunogenetics Systems Biology Topics in Heart Failure Management Plasmid Transparent Conducting Films Poisoning in the Modern World - New Tricks for an Old Dog? Swirling Flows and Flames Pharmacognosy - Medicinal Plants Voltammetry Complications of Pregnancy Selected Topics in Myasthenia Gravis Redefining Standard Model Cosmology Menstrual Cycle Frontiers in Ophthalmology and Ocular Imaging Angiography Applied Geophysics with Case Studies on Environmental, Exploration and Engineering Geophysics Monitoring of Marine Pollution Silvicultures - Management and Conservation Cartilage Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Techniques New Frontiers on Life Cycle Assessment - Theory and Application DNA Repair- An Update Mesoporous Materials - Properties and Applications Topics in Hydrometerology Modulating Gene Expression - Abridging the RNAi and CRISPR-Cas9 Technologies Ballistics Prostatectomy Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm - From Basic Research to Clinical Practice Satellite Information Classification and Interpretation The New Forms of Social Exclusion Advances in Human and Machine Navigation Systems Surgical Challenges in the Management of Liver Disease Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Uveitis Fluid Flow Problems Urbanization in Northern Corridor Economic Region in Malaysia Introduction and Implementations of the Kalman Filter Manifolds II - Theory and Applications Groundwater - Resource Characterisation and Management Aspects Wettability and Interfacial Phenomena - Implications for Material Processing Aviation and Its Management - Global Challenges and Opportunities Fungal Infection Petroleum Chemicals - Recent Insight Electric Power Conversion Vitamin A Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Biomaterial-supported Tissue Reconstruction or Regeneration Plastics in the Environment Genetic Diversity in Plant Species - Characterization and Conservation Molluscs Cytogenetics - Past, Present and Further Perspectives Wound Healing - Current Perspectives Recent Advances in Cannabinoid Research Polynomials - Theory and Application Advanced Methods and New Materials for Cultural Heritage Preservation Industrial Engineering Atomistic Simulation of Anistropic Crystal Structures at Nanoscale Current Perspectives in Human Papillomavirus Teacher Education in the 21st Century Antimicrobial Resistance - A Global Threat Acoustics of Materials Liver Cirrhosis - Debates and Current Challenges Water and Sustainability Candida Albicans Atmospheric Pressure Plasma - from Diagnostics to Applications Adenosine Triphosphate in Health and Disease Air Pollution - Monitoring, Quantification and Removal of Gases and Particles Understanding of Atmospheric Systems with Efficient Numerical Methods for Observation and Prediction Hip Surgeries Cardiac Pacing and Monitoring - New Methods, Modern Devices Osteogenesis and Bone Regeneration Applications of Optical Fibers for Sensing Climate Change and Global Warming Vascular Access Surgery - Tips and Tricks Early Childhood Education New Trends in Industrial Automation Parasites and Parasitic Diseases Advanced Technologies and Applications of Neutron Activation Analysis Perspectives on Risk, Assessment and Management Paradigms Textile Industry and Environment Endoplasmic Reticulum Immune Response Activation and Immunomodulation Aspects in Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Iron Deficiency Anemia Cell Signalling - Thermodynamics and Molecular Control Turbulence and Related Phenomena Application Specific Integrated Circuits - Technologies, Digital Systems and Design Methodologies Autoantibodies and Cytokines Thyroid Disorders Advances in Dementia Research Nanowires - Synthesis, Properties and Applications Modeling and Computer Simulation Kinetic Modeling for Environmental Systems Artificial Intelligence - Scope and Limitations Recent Advances in Analytical Chemistry Hydrogels - Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications Persistent Organic Pollutants Quality Management and Quality Control - New Trends and Developments Green Technologies to Improve the Environment on Earth Current Approaches in Orthodontics Nuclear Fusion - One Noble Goal and a Variety of Scientific and Technological Challenges Power System Stability Gene Expression and Control Fractal Analysis Science, Technology and Advanced Application of Supercapacitors Advanced Evapotranspiration Methods and Applications Antarctica - A Key To Global Change Neuroimaging - Structure, Function and Mind Renewable Geothermal Energy Explorations The Relevance of Hygiene to Health in Developing Countries Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease - Theory and Research Recent Advances in Flood Risk Management Antimicrobials, Antibiotic Resistance, Antibiofilm Strategies and Activity Methods Fillers - Synthesis, Characterization and Industrial Application Anesthesia Topics for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Advances in Discourse Analysis Osteoarthritis Biomarkers and Treatments Array Pattern Optimization RF Systems, Circuits and Components Gastric Cancer - An Update Some New Aspects of Colloidal Systems in Foods Chemometrics and Data Analysis in Chromatography <i>Staphylococcus Aureus</i> Metals in Soil - Contamination and Remediation Biogenic Amines Ceramic Materials - Synthesis, Characterization, Applications and Recycling A Complex Systems Perspective of Communication from Cells to Societies Applications of Mobile Robots The Fifth Generation (5G) of Wireless Communication Nanostructures in Energy Generation, Transmission and Storage In Vivo and Ex Vivo Gene Therapy for Inherited and Non-Inherited Disorders Ticks and Tick-Borne Pathogens Primary Intracranial Tumors Medicinal Chemistry Intelligent Video Surveillance The Future of Television - Convergence of Content and Technology Sustainable Construction and Building Materials Land Use - Assessing the Past, Envisioning the Future Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Biofuels - Challenges and opportunities Pituitary Diseases UWB Technology and its Applications Endoscopy - Novel Techniques and Recent Advancements Multi-Agent Systems - Control Spectrum Soil Contamination and Alternatives for Sustainable Development High Performance Parallel Computing Infrared Spectroscopy - Principles, Advances, and Applications Novel Metal Electrodeposition and the Recent Application Oncogenes and Carcinogenesis Advanced Remote Sensing Technology for Synthetic Aperture Radar Applications, Tsunami Disasters, and Infrastructure Forage Groups Telecommunication Networks - Trends and Developments Photocatalysts - Applications and Attributes Indoor Environmental Quality Sustainable Cities - Authenticity, Ambition and Dream Soil Moisture Bovine Science - A Key to Sustainable Development Anxiety Disorders - From Childhood to Adulthood Green Energy Advances Telehealth Frontiers and New Trends in the Science of Fermented Food and Beverages Acoustic Emission Technology for High Power Microwave Radar Tubes Medical Internet of Things (m-IoT) - Enabling Technologies and Emerging Applications Vectors and Vector-Borne Zoonotic Diseases Plasma Science and Technology - Basic Fundamentals and Modern Applications Citrus - Health Benefits and Production Technology Soybean - Biomass, Yield and Productivity Recent Developments in Myelodysplastic Syndromes Neurons - Dendrites and Axons Advances in Heat Exchangers Dam Engineering Charged Particles Trends in Geomatics - An Earth Science Perspective Selected Topics in Midwifery Care Technology, Science and Culture - A Global Vision Recovery and Utilization of Metallurgical Solid Waste Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Innovations in Automation and Mechatronics Engineering (ICIAME2018) Advanced Sorption Process Applications Update on Multiple Myeloma Chalcogen Chemistry Challenging Issues on Paranasal Sinuses Recent Developments in Photovoltaic Materials and Devices Noninvasive Ventilation in Medicine - Recent Updates Stainless Steels and Alloys Engineered Fabrics Sol-Gel Method - Design and Synthesis of New Materials with Interesting Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties Nanomedicines Analytical Pyrolysis Body-mass Index and Health Applied Modern Control Wildlife Management - Failures, Successes and Prospects Topics From EPR Research Optic Nerve Chirality from Molecular Electronic States Nonlinear Optics - Novel Results in Theory and Applications Power Plants in the Industry Neutrophils Advances in the Molecular Understanding of Colorectal Cancer Elections - A Global Perspective Resveratrol - Adding Life to Years, Not Adding Years to Life Ultimate Guide to Insulin Microbiology of Urinary Tract Infections - Microbial Agents and Predisposing Factors BODIPY Dyes - A Privilege Molecular Scaffold with Tunable Properties Atomic-force Microscopy and Its Applications Homeostasis - An Integrated Vision Gold Nanoparticles - Reaching New Heights Hansen's Disease - The Forgotten and Neglected Disease Aquaculture - Plants and Invertebrates Paint and Coatings Industry Biomechanics Multiple Pregnancy - New Challenges Density Functional Theory Advanced Cooling Technologies and Applications Salivary Glands - New Approaches in Diagnostics and Treatment Herbal Medicine Optimum Composite Structures Kinetics of Enzymatic Synthesis Active Antimicrobial Food Packaging An Update of Dental Implantology and Biomaterial Elasticity of Materials - Basic Principles and Design of Structures Celiac Disease - From the Bench to the Clinic New Trends in Electrical Vehicle Powertrains Renewable Resources and Biorefineries Dengue Fever - a Resilient Threat in the Face of Innovation Recent Advances in Tomato Breeding and Production Wetlands Management - Assessing Risk and Sustainable Solutions Lanthanides Nanocomposites - Recent Evolutions Cerium Oxide - Applications and Attributes Fuel Ethanol Production from Sugarcane Novel, Integrated and Revolutionary Well Test Interpretation and Analysis Cell Culture Electrical and Electronic Properties of Materials Stromal Cells - Structure, Function, and Therapeutic Implications Cognitive Disorders Lymphocytes Glioma - Contemporary Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches Accuracy of GNSS Methods Irrigation in Agroecosystems Characterizations of Some Composite Materials Energy Conversion - Current Technologies and Future Trends Periodontology and Dental Implantology Advances in Extra-corporeal Perfusion Therapies Chemical Vapor Deposition for Nanotechnology Histology Applications of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Essentials of Accident and Emergency Medicine Liquid Crystals - Self-Organized Soft Functional Materials for Advanced Applications Coatings and Thin-Film Technologies Cloud Computing - Technology and Practices Agricultural Robots - Fundamentals and Applications Laser Technology and its Applications Dark Sides of Organizational Behavior and Leadership Myocardial Infarction Emergency Operation Technologies for Sudden Water Pollution Accidents in the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project Metamaterials and Metasurfaces Morphodynamic Model for Predicting Beach Changes Based on Bagnold's Concept and Its Applications Cancer Survivorship Bone Grafting - Recent Advances with Special References to Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Biochemistry and Health Benefits of Fatty Acids Selected Topics in Breastfeeding Botulinum Toxin Basic Concepts Viewed from Frontier in Inorganic Coordination Chemistry Current Topics in Tropical Emerging Diseases and Travel Medicine Magnesium Alloys - Selected Issue Keratin Terpenes and Terpenoids An Overview of Urban and Regional Planning Cerebral Palsy - Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects New Trends in Nuclear Science Natural Hazards - Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Reduction Hypoxia and Anoxia Electric Machines for Smart Grids Applications - Design, Simulation and Control Assistive Technologies in Smart Cities New Trends in Structural Engineering Advances in HIV and AIDS Control From Natural to Artificial Intelligence - Algorithms and Applications Phonons in Low Dimensional Structures Gut Microbiota - Brain Axis Grasses as Food and Feed Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Evolution - Theory to Design Congenital Heart Disease New Insights into Theriogenology Cryopreservation Biotechnology in Biomedical and Biological Sciences Cognitive Radio in 4G/5G Wireless Communication Systems Conifers Hypothalamus in Health and Diseases Basic Biology and Applications of Actinobacteria Smoking Prevention and Cessation Cancer Metastasis Risk Management Treatise for Engineering Practitioners Soil Productivity Enhancement Housing Descriptive Food Science Placenta Spatial Analysis, Modelling and Planning Cavitation - Selected Issues Digital Systems Immunization - Vaccine Adjuvant Delivery System and Strategies Advances in Testosterone Action Organizational Culture Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment Product Lifecycle Management - Terminology and Applications Pain Management in Special Circumstances Liver Cancer Current Issues in Global Health Plant Growth and Regulation - Alterations to Sustain Unfavorable Conditions Melatonin - Molecular Biology, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Approaches Plasmonics Applications of Silicon Photonics in Sensors and Waveguides HVAC System The Use of Technology in Sport - Emerging Challenges Occupational Therapy - Therapeutic and Creative Use of Activity Advanced Surface Engineering Research Cardiotoxicity Coastal Environment, Disaster, and Infrastructure - A Case Study of China's Coastline Forest Biomass and Carbon Breast Cancer and Surgery Phytochemicals - Source of Antioxidants and Role in Disease Prevention Data Service Outsourcing and Privacy Protection in Mobile Internet Fault Detection and Diagnosis Mangrove Ecosystem Ecology and Function New Trends in Ion Exchange Studies Esophageal Cancer and Beyond Dendritic Cells Total Hip Replacement - An Overview Statistics - Growing Data Sets and Growing Demand for Statistics Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for Heat Recovery Newest Updates in Rheumatology Lung Cancer - Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment Blood Pressure - From Bench to Bed Glutathione in Health and Disease Plant Competition in Cropping Systems Drilling Alopecia Earthquakes - Forecast, Prognosis and Earthquake Resistant Construction Highlights on Hemodynamics Social Media and Journalism - Trends, Connections, Implications Dopamine - Health and Disease Sintering Technology - Method and Application Weight Loss Mitochondrial DNA - New Insights Advanced Engineering Testing Autonomic Nervous System Accounting from a Cross-Cultural Perspective Granularity in Materials Science Ovarian Cancer - From Pathogenesis to Treatment Endothelial Dysfunction - Old Concepts and New Challenges Fuzzy Logic Based in Optimization Methods and Control Systems and Its Applications Calcium and Signal Transduction Brassica Germplasm - Characterization, Breeding and Utilization Vitamin E in Health and Disease Advances in Nephropathy Biofeedback Perturbation Methods with Applications in Science and Engineering Management of Information Systems Simulation and Modelling of Electrical Insulation Weaknesses in Electrical Equipment Evolving BCI Therapy - Engaging Brain State Dynamics Special Topics in Resuscitation Public Health - Emerging and Re-emerging Issues Peripheral Arterial Disease - A Practical Approach Nanocrystals and Nanostructures Genetic Diversity and Disease Susceptibility Polar Seismology - Advances and Impact Leishmaniases as Re-emerging Diseases Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Regulation Abrasive Technology - Characteristics and Applications Geriatrics Health Psychosis - Biopsychosocial and Relational Perspectives Muscle Cell and Tissue - Current Status of Research Field Ion Channels in Health and Sickness 3D Printing Sport Pedagogy - Recent Approach to Technical-Tactical Alphabetization Recent Advances in Arthroscopic Surgery Environmental Risks Photochemistry and Photophysics - Fundamentals to Applications Ischemic Stroke of Brain New Uses of Micro and Nanomaterials Hepatitis C - From Infection to Cure Reimagining New Approaches in Teacher Professional Development Cement Based Materials Heart Transplantation Stability Control and Reliable Performance of Wind Turbines Laboratory Unit Operations and Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering Corn - Production and Human Health in Changing Climate Endocrine Disruptors Ferroelectrics and Their Applications Community and Global Ecology of Deserts Prefrontal Cortex Advances in Memristor Neural Networks - Modeling and Applications Trade and Global Market Low Carbon Transition - Technical, Economic and Policy Assessment Advanced Material and Device Applications with Germanium Wearable Technologies Special Topics in Renewable Energy Systems Wavelet Theory and Its Applications Pulp and Paper Processing Polymer Rheology Recent Advances in Ionic Liquids Tuberculosis B Group Vitamins - Current Uses and Perspectives Structural Health Monitoring from Sensing to Processing Physical Methods for Stimulation of Plant and Mushroom Development Prostate Cancer Caesarean Section Potential of Essential Oils Probabilistic Modeling in System Engineering Animal Welfare Next Generation Plant Breeding Current Perspectives on Cardiomyopathies Game Theory - Applications in Logistics and Economy Shape-Memory Materials Powder Technology Structural Insufficiency Anomalies in Cardiac Valves Selected Issues in Global Health Communications Progress in Carotenoid Research Light-Emitting Diode - An Outlook On the Empirical Features and Its Recent Technological Advancements Modified Asphalt Advanced Path Planning for Mobile Entities Nursing Leadership Health and Academic Achievement New Horizons in Laparoscopic Surgery OCT - Applications in Ophthalmology Desalination and Water Treatment Causes and Coping with Visual Impairment and Blindness Dental Caries - Diagnosis, Prevention and Management Photosynthesis - From Its Evolution to Future Improvements in Photosynthetic Efficiency Using Nanomaterials Machine Learning - Advanced Techniques and Emerging Applications Broadband Communications Networks - Recent Advances and Lessons from Practice Heat and Mass Transfer - Advances in Modelling and Experimental Study for Industrial Applications High Power Laser Systems Vasculitis In Practice - An Update on Special Situations - Clinical and Therapeutic Considerations Antennas and Wave Propagation Update in Management of Foot and Ankle Disorders Neoplasm Peat Influenza - Therapeutics and Challenges Trauma Surgery Sustainability Assessment and Reporting Graphene Oxide - Applications and Opportunities Ecosystem Services and Global Ecology Landscape Architecture - The Sense of Places, Models and Applications Drug Discovery - Concepts to Market Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Histopathology - An Update Human Resource Planning for the 21st Century Petri Nets in Science and Engineering Metallic Glasses - Properties and Processing Biopharmaceuticals New Visions in Plant Science Current Topics in the Utilization of Clay in Industrial and Medical Applications Digital Communication Management Recent Advances in Porous Ceramics Electrophoresis - Life Sciences Practical Applications Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration Current Topics in Intensive Care Medicine Cyanobacteria Energy Systems and Environment Advanced Concepts in Endocarditis Electrospinning Method Used to Create Functional Nanocomposites Films Principles and Applications in Nuclear Engineering - Radiation Effects, Thermal Hydraulics, Radionuclide Migration in the Environment Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Neuropsychiatry PID Control for Industrial Processes Aircraft Technology Disruptive Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, Related Technologies, and Their Applications Rediscovery of Landraces as a Resource for the Future Trace Elements - Human Health and Environment Optimization Algorithms - Examples Biological Approaches for Controlling Weeds Secondary Metabolites - Sources and Applications Vignettes in Patient Safety - Volume 3 Impact of Thermal Conductivity on Energy Technologies Biomarker - Indicator of Abnormal Physiological Process Gastrointestinal Surgery - New Technical Proposals Rice Crop - Current Developments Chagas Disease - Basic Investigations and Challenges Compendium of New Techniques in Harmonic Analysis Application of Genetics and Genomics in Poultry Science Seabirds Advances in Pancreatic Cancer Shale Gas - New Aspects and Technologies Intelligent System Piezoelectricity - Organic and Inorganic Materials and Applications Anticoagulant Drugs Proctological Diseases in Surgical Practice Molecular Insight of Drug Design Listeria Monocytogenes Agricultural Waste and Residues Mitochondrial Diseases Wastewater and Water Quality Sea Level Rise and Coastal Infrastructure Topics in the Surgery of the Biliary Tree Advances in Plant Pathology Public Management and Administration Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Research and Clinical Practice - Mechanisms of Action in Focus Extreme Weather Current Understanding of Apoptosis - Programmed Cell Death Machine Learning and Biometrics Matrix Theory - Applications and Theorems Recent Development in Optoelectronic Devices Science and Technology Behind Nanoemulsions Data Mining Sustainability of Agroecosystems Network Coding Cosmic Rays Quality Control in Laboratory Vegetables - Importance of Quality Vegetables to Human Health Hydrology of Artificial and Controlled Experiments Contemporary Pedagogies in Teacher Education and Development Advances In Hydrogen Generation Technologies Polypeptide - New Insight into Drug Discovery and Development Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Brain Tumors - An Update Global Wheat Production Cholesterol - Good, Bad and the Heart Carbon Dioxide Chemistry, Capture and Oil Recovery Organizational Conflict Hyperspectral Imaging in Agriculture, Food and Environment Atherosclerosis - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Ubiquitination Governing DNA Repair - Implications in Health and Disease Metrology Oral Microbiology in Periodontitis Trends in E-learning Immunoregulatory Aspects of Immunotherapy Energy Management for Sustainable Development Firm Value - Theory and Empirical Evidence Evolving Strategies in Peritoneal Dialysis Molecular Dynamics Free Radicals, Antioxidants and Diseases Superalloys for Industry Applications Tropical Forests - New Edition Hydrocephalus - Water on the Brain Capsaicin and its Human Therapeutic Development Recent Applications in Data Clustering Internet of Things - Technology, Applications and Standardization Phase Change Materials and Their Applications Aquifers - Matrix and Fluids eHealth - Making Health Care Smarter Emerging Waveguide Technology Arsenic - Analytical and Toxicological Studies Recent Developments in the Field of Carbon Fibers Recent Advances and Applications in Remote Sensing Marketing Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Pertussis - Disease, Control and Challenges Sewage Tracheal Intubation Optical Amplifiers - A Few Different Dimensions Flexible Electronics Essentials of Hand Surgery Cytotoxicity Achievements and Challenges of Integrated River Basin Management Peripheral Membrane Proteins Temperature Sensing Heterojunctions and Nanostructures Hydrogels Towards Malaria Elimination - A Leap Forward Sensory Nervous System Silver Nanoparticles - Fabrication, Characterization and Applications Advanced Learning and Teaching Environments - Innovation, Contents and Methods Organ Donation and Transplantation - Current Status and Future Challenges Marine Ecology - Biotic and Abiotic Interactions Introducing the Effective Mass of Activated Complex and the Discussion on the Wave Function of this Instanton Salmonella - A Re-emerging Pathogen Hernia Surgery and Recent Developments Sustainable Buildings - Interaction Between a Holistic Conceptual Act and Materials Properties Animal Husbandry and Nutrition Volcanoes - Geological and Geophysical Setting, Theoretical Aspects and Numerical Modeling, Applications to Industry and Their Impact on the Human Health Alzheimer's Disease - The 21st Century Challenge Biosorption Management of Chronic Liver Diseases - Recent Advances Calorimetry - Design, Theory and Applications in Porous Solids Reptiles and Amphibians Occupational Health and Safety - A Multi-Regional Perspective Nonlinear Systems - Modeling, Estimation, and Stability Protein-Protein Interaction Assays Chitin-Chitosan - Myriad Functionalities in Science and Technology Design, Simulation and Construction of Field Effect Transistors Pyridine MEMS Sensors - Design and Application Polyphenols Palm Oil Optimization and Control of Electrical Machines Insect Science-Diversity, Conservation and Nutrition Ion Beam Applications Scientometrics Symmetry (Group Theory) and Mathematical Treatment in Chemistry Bringing Thermoelectricity into Reality Fusarium - Plant Diseases, Pathogen Diversity, Genetic Diversity, Resistance and Molecular Markers Actuators Numerical Simulations in Engineering and Science Smart Microgrids Solar Panels and Photovoltaic Materials Social Responsibility Nanofiltration Genotoxicity - A Predictable Risk to Our Actual World Antioxidants in Foods and Its Applications Food Safety - Some Global Trends Additive Manufacturing of High-performance Metals and Alloys - Modeling and Optimization Biofuels - State of Development Gasification for Low-grade Feedstock Thalassemia and Other Hemolytic Anemias Molecular Docking The Hippocampus - Plasticity and Functions New Pedagogical Challenges in the 21st Century - Contributions of Research in Education Emerging Microwave Technologies in Industrial, Agricultural, Medical and Food Processing Diabetes Food Plan Bats Emerging Pollutants - Some Strategies for the Quality Preservation of Our Environment Probiotics - Current Knowledge and Future Prospects Iron Ores and Iron Oxide Materials Human-Robot Interaction - Theory and Application Medical and Biological Image Analysis Circadian Rhythm - Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Gerontology Noble and Precious Metals - Properties, Nanoscale Effects and Applications Applications of Modified Starches Energy Harvesting Asthma Diagnosis and Management - Approach Based on Phenotype and Endotype Earthworms - The Ecological Engineers of Soil Artificial Intelligence - Emerging Trends and Applications Supercapacitors - Theoretical and Practical Solutions Heavy Metals Hematology - Latest Research and Clinical Advances Multidimensional Flow Cytometry Techniques for Novel Highly Informative Assays Advances in Biofuels and Bioenergy Urinary Tract Infection - The Result of the Strength of the Pathogen, or the Weakness of the Host Zeolites and Their Applications Selected Topics in Neonatal Care Drug Addiction Multi-Criteria Methods and Techniques Applied to Supply Chain Management Behavior Analysis Titanium Dioxide - Material for a Sustainable Environment Reflections on Bioethics Microalgal Biotechnology Current Issues in the Diagnostics and Treatment of Acute Appendicitis Psychotic Disorders - An Update Technological Approaches for Novel Applications in Dairy Processing Contemporary Issues and Research in Operations Management Green Electronics Bismuth - Advanced Applications and Defects Characterization Bioinformatics in the Era of Post Genomics and Big Data Genotyping Socialization - A Multidimensional Perspective Drones - Applications Cardiac Arrhythmias Crisis Management - Theory and Practice Space Flight Goat Science Cancer Management and Therapy Mycobacterium - Research and Development State of the Art in Nano-bioimaging Carboxylic Acid - Key Role in Life Sciences Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes Current Topics in Zika Sustainable Air Conditioning Systems Breeding and Health Benefits of Fruit and Nut Crops Heat Transfer - Models, Methods and Applications Selected Studies in Biodiversity Essentials of Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Difficulties in Cataract Surgery Advanced Electronic Circuits - Principles, Architectures and Applications on Emerging Technologies Family Planning Spermatozoa - Facts and Perspectives Dependability Engineering Topics in Splines and Applications Application of Exergy Potato - From Incas to All Over the World Neuroplasticity - Insights of Neural Reorganization Tissue Regeneration Pelvic Floor Disorders Small Angle Scattering and Diffraction Pollination in Plants Open and Equal Access for Learning in School Management Mobile Computing - Technology and Applications Symbiosis Superfluids and Superconductors Anatomy, Posture, Prevalence, Pain, Treatment and Interventions of Musculoskeletal Disorders Primates Into Space - A Journey of How Humans Adapt and Live in Microgravity An Excursus into Hearing Loss Pathophysiology - Altered Physiological States Advanced Technologies of Quantum Key Distribution Parkinson's Disease - Understanding Pathophysiology and Developing Therapeutic Strategies Multifunctional Operation and Application of GPS Advances in Glass Science and Technology Bamboo - Current and Future Prospects Bacterial Pathogenesis and Antibacterial Control Intermetallic Compounds - Formation and Applications Adipose Tissue Current Topics on Superfoods Multilingualism and Bilingualism Particle Swarm Optimization with Applications Recent Advances in Zebrafish Researches Contact and Fracture Mechanics Power System Harmonics - Analysis, Effects and Mitigation Solutions for Power Quality Improvement Corticosteroids Differential Equations - Theory and Current Research Hot Topics in Burn Injuries Plant, Abiotic Stress and Responses to Climate Change Ligand Insecticides - Agriculture and Toxicology Chemical Reactions in Inorganic Chemistry Experimental Animal Models of Human Diseases - An Effective Therapeutic Strategy Neurotoxins Bridge Engineering Potassium - Improvement of Quality in Fruits and Vegetables Through Hydroponic Nutrient Management State of the Art Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Knowhow Electric Field Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty Lubrication - Tribology, Lubricants and Additives Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Living Cells Pharmacokinetics and Adverse Effects of Drugs - Mechanisms and Risks Factors Arid Environments and Sustainability Sugarcane - Technology and Research Cervical Cancer - Screening, Treatment and Prevention - Universal Protocols for Ultimate Control Residual Stress Analysis on Welded Joints by Means of Numerical Simulation and Experiments National Parks - Management and Conservation Cancer Causing Substances Tectonics - Problems of Regional Settings Density Functional Calculations - Recent Progresses of Theory and Application Plasma Medicine - Concepts and Clinical Applications Colorectal Cancer - Diagnosis, Screening and Management Topics in Radar Signal Processing Myeloid Leukemia Uranium - Safety, Resources, Separation and Thermodynamic Calculation Metagenomics for Gut Microbes Clinical Trials in Vulnerable Populations Forest Fire Traumatic Brain Injury - Pathobiology, Advanced Diagnostics and Acute Management Maize Germplasm - Characterization and Genetic Approaches for Crop Improvement Novel Prospects in Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress Autoimmune Bullous Diseases Congenital Anomalies - From the Embryo to the Neonate Seizures Attorneys and Attorney Tariff in Slovenia Surface Waves - New Trends and Developments Stem Cells in Clinical Practice and Tissue Engineering Sex Hormones in Neurodegenerative Processes and Diseases Liver Research and Clinical Management Micro/Nanolithography - A Heuristic Aspect on the Enduring Technology Human Skin Cancers - Pathways, Mechanisms, Targets and Treatments New Insights into Bayesian Inference Culture and Identity Carbon Nanotubes - Recent Progress Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Thermal Power Plants - New Trends and Recent Developments Advanced Casting Technologies Past, Present and Future Trends in Cotton Breeding Porosity - Process, Technologies and Applications Agricultural Value Chain Biomaterials - Physics and Chemistry - New Edition Aspects in Dialysis Dendrimers - Fundamentals and Applications New Perspectives in Forest Science Calibration and Validation of Analytical Methods - A Sampling of Current Approaches Applications in Water Systems Management and Modeling Advancements in Energy Storage Technologies Natural and Artificial Fiber-Reinforced Composites as Renewable Sources Biological Resources of Water Advances in Shoulder Surgery Fullerenes and Relative Materials - Properties and Applications Novel Aspects of Nanofibers Geophysics Ruminants - The Husbandry, Economic and Health Aspects Taxes and Taxation Trends Complexity in Biological and Physical Systems - Bifurcations, Solitons and Fractals System of System Failures Raman Spectroscopy Issues in Flap Surgery Vibration Analysis and Control in Mechanical Structures and Wind Energy Conversion Systems Early Events in Diabetic Retinopathy and Intervention Strategies Cyclodextrin - A Versatile Ingredient Visible-Light Photocatalysis of Carbon-Based Materials Management Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility Engineering and Mathematical Topics in Rainfall Sedimentation Engineering Entrepreneurship - Trends and Challenges Diabetes and Its Complications Novel Nanomaterials - Synthesis and Applications Theoretical Foundations and Application of Photonic Crystals Advances in Bioremediation and Phytoremediation Two-dimensional Materials for Photodetector Nonmagnetic and Magnetic Quantum Dots Memristor and Memristive Neural Networks Corrosion Inhibitors, Principles and Recent Applications Ionizing Radiation Effects and Applications Corals in a Changing World Osmotically Driven Membrane Processes - Approach, Development and Current Status Interdisciplinary Expansions in Engineering and Design With the Power of Biomimicry Chaos Theory Medical and Surgical Education - Past, Present and Future Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Clinical Applications Water Challenges of an Urbanizing World Improvement Trends for Internal Combustion Engines Farm Animals Diseases, Recent Omic Trends and New Strategies of Treatment Biosensing Technologies for the Detection of Pathogens - A Prospective Way for Rapid Analysis Photon Counting - Fundamentals and Applications Urban Agglomeration Lignin - Trends and Applications Lamination - Theory and Application Quality Management Systems - a Selective Presentation of Case-studies Showcasing Its Evolution Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - Molecular Bases, Prevention and Treatment Positive and Negative Aspects of Outsourcing New Concepts in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unraveling the Safety Profile of Nanoscale Particles and Materials - From Biomedical to Environmental Applications GABA And Glutamate - New Developments In Neurotransmission Research Solidification Climate Resilient Agriculture - Strategies and Perspectives Vegetation Astrocyte - Physiology and Pathology Excitons High-Resolution Neuroimaging - Basic Physical Principles and Clinical Applications Discussions of Unusual Topics in Fibromyalgia Advances in Some Hypersonic Vehicles Technologies Polyester - Production, Characterization and Innovative Applications Automation in Agriculture - Securing Food Supplies for Future Generations Ontology in Information Science Semiconductors - Growth and Characterization Epitaxy Thrombocytopenia Modern Railway Engineering Estuary Liquid Crystals - Recent Advancements in Fundamental and Device Technologies Grapes and Wines - Advances in Production, Processing, Analysis and Valorization Dermatologic Surgery and Procedures Gene Expression and Regulation in Mammalian Cells - Transcription Toward the Establishment of Novel Therapeutics Very-Large-Scale Integration Extrusion of Metals, Polymers and Food Products Finite Element Method - Simulation, Numerical Analysis and Solution Techniques Temporomandibular Joint Pathology - Current Approaches and Understanding Digital Transformation in Smart Manufacturing Advanced Applications for Artificial Neural Networks Drosophila melanogaster - Model for Recent Advances in Genetics and Therapeutics Green Chemistry Chronic Kidney Disease - from Pathophysiology to Clinical Improvements Gene Expression and Regulation in Mammalian Cells - Transcription From General Aspects Advanced Chemical Kinetics Risk Assessment Applied Adhesive Bonding in Science and Technology Kalman Filters - Theory for Advanced Applications Accelerator Physics - Radiation Safety and Applications COPD - An Update in Pathogenesis and Clinical Management Gravity - Geoscience Applications, Industrial Technology and Quantum Aspect Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry - Advances and Perspectives Emerging Infectious Diseases in Water Buffalo - An Economic and Public Health Concern Antibody Engineering Cartilage Repair and Regeneration Biomimetic Prosthetics Selected Topics on Optical Fiber Technologies and Applications Kinetic Theory Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine Debatable Topics in PCOS Patients Flight Physics - Models, Techniques and Technologies Caregiving and Home Care Immigration and Development Simulation and Gaming Hydroxyapatite - Advances in Composite Nanomaterials, Biomedical Applications and Its Technological Facets Recent Insights in Petroleum Science and Engineering Post Mortem Examination and Autopsy - Current Issues From Death to Laboratory Analysis Parenting - Empirical Advances and Intervention Resources Alkenes Human Capital and Competences in Project Management Sport and Exercise Science Current Topics in Anemia Nitrogen in Agriculture - Updates Graph Theory - Advanced Algorithms and Applications Bedside Procedures Green Process of Three-Component Prostaglandin Synthesis and Rapid <sup>11</sup>C Labelings for Short-Lived PET Tracers Germ Cell Antibiotic Use in Animals Advances in Research on Down Syndrome Coal Fly Ash Beneficiation - Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage with Coal Fly Ash Entrepreneurship - Development Tendencies and Empirical Approach Contributions to Mineralization Contemporary Perspective on Child Psychology and Education Pure and Applied Biogeography Time Series Analysis and Applications Colorimetry and Image Processing Cassava Financial Management from an Emerging Market Perspective The Yeast Role in Medical Applications New Perspectives in Forage Crops Breast Imaging Recent Research in Polymerization Mobilities, Tourism and Travel Behavior - Contexts and Boundaries Creep Stomach Disorders Vignettes in Patient Safety - Volume 2 Computational and Experimental Studies of Acoustic Waves Service Robots Surgical Robotics Aluminium Alloys - Recent Trends in Processing, Characterization, Mechanical Behavior and Applications The Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase in Human Body Pathologies Failure Analysis and Prevention Obstetrics System Reliability Austenitic Stainless Steels - New Aspects Kinematics Laser Ablation - From Fundamentals to Applications Physiology and Pathology of Immunology Poisoning - From Specific Toxic Agents to Novel Rapid and Simplified Techniques for Analysis Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Contemporary Topics of Pneumonia Big Cats Chondrichthyes - Multidisciplinary Approach Robots Operating in Hazardous Environments Psychopathy - New Updates on an Old Phenomenon Handbook of Stillinger-Weber Potential Parameters for Two-Dimensional Atomic Crystals Testes and Ovaries - Functional and Clinical Differences and Similarities Ideas and Applications Toward Sample Preparation for Food and Beverage Analysis Old Yeasts - New Questions Natural Killer Cells Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering - Materials, Technologies and Clinical Applications Current Topics in Giardiasis Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy and Integrated Stratigraphy - New Insights and Contributions Sustainable Home Design by Applying Control Science Lepidoptera Spectroscopic Analyses - Developments and Applications Rational Fitting Techniques for the Modeling of Electric Power Components and Systems Using MATLAB Environment Highway Engineering Biomimetic and Bioinspired Membranes for New Frontiers in Sustainable Water Treatment Technology Cobalt Resuscitation Aspects Esophageal Abnormalities Robotics - Legal, Ethical and Socioeconomic Impacts Skills Development for Sustainable Manufacturing Congruence of Personal and Organizational Values Learning Disabilities - An International Perspective Advances in Seed Biology Ascites - Physiopathology, Treatment, Complications and Prognosis Resonance Radon Protein Phosphorylation Magnetic Sensors - Development Trends and Applications Electroencephalography Solubility of Polysaccharides Ellipsometry - Principles and Techniques for Materials Characterization Event-Related Potentials and Evoked Potentials Radio Frequency Identification Recent Progress in Soldering Materials Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Isolation, Characterization and Applications Advances in Underwater Acoustics Knowledge Management Strategies and Applications Consumer Behavior - Practice Oriented Perspectives Plant Engineering Management of Cities and Regions Trends in Research on Microstrip Antennas Periodontitis - A Useful Reference Echinococcosis Yeast - Industrial Applications Mediterranean Identities - Environment, Society, Culture Smartphones from an Applied Research Perspective Proceedings of the 3rd Czech-China Scientific Conference 2017 Acrylic Polymers in Healthcare Bayesian Inference Liposomes Quantum-dot Based Light-emitting Diodes Perception of Beauty Neuroblastoma - Current State and Recent Updates Proceedings of the Conference on Design and Semantics of Form and Movement - Sense and Sensitivity, DeSForM 2017 Interpreting Cardiac Electrograms - From Skin to Endocardium Archaea - New Biocatalysts, Novel Pharmaceuticals and Various Biotechnological Applications Science Education - Research and New Technologies Highlights on Several Underestimated Topics in Palliative Care Up to Date on Meniere's Disease Allergen Glacier Evolution in a Changing World Sea Urchin - From Environment to Aquaculture and Biomedicine Wireless Sensor Networks - Insights and Innovations Poverty, Inequality and Policy Future Foods Systemic Sclerosis New Perspectives in Breast Imaging Update on Hepatitis C Hemorrhagic Stroke - An Update Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and Crops Aspects of Polyurethanes Clostridium Difficile - A Comprehensive Overview Accounting and Corporate Reporting - Today and Tomorrow Innovations in Spinal Deformities and Postural Disorders Shape Memory Alloys - Fundamentals and Applications Corporate Governance and Strategic Decision Making Textiles for Advanced Applications Advances in Speech-language Pathology Insights into Various Aspects of Oral Health Emerging Issues in Economics and Development Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology Postharvest Handling Multi-agent Systems Gastric Cancer Vignettes in Patient Safety - Volume 1 Partition-Based Trapdoor Ciphers Fundamentals of Sexually Transmitted Infections Advances in Titration Techniques Embryo Cleavage Granular Materials Applications of RNA-Seq and Omics Strategies - From Microorganisms to Human Health Genetic Polymorphisms Grasses - Benefits, Diversities and Functional Roles Well-being and Quality of Life - Medical Perspective Redox - Principles and Advanced Applications Research and Development Evolving Trends and Practices - Towards Human, Institutional and Economic Sectors Growth New Technologies in Protective Coatings Solid Waste Management in Rural Areas Indigenous People Theriogenology Vaccines Phylogenetics Food Additives Aerial Robots - Aerodynamics, Control and Applications Plant Ecology - Traditional Approaches to Recent Trends Diagnosis and Management of Head and Neck Cancer Refrigeration Lysosomes - Associated Diseases and Methods to Study Their Function Frailty and Sarcopenia - Onset, Development and Clinical Challenges Flood Risk Management Desalination Elastomers Chromosomal Abnormalities - A Hallmark Manifestation of Genomic Instability Hernia Mine Action - The Research Experience of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium Aflatoxin - Control, Analysis, Detection and Health Risks Meningoencephalitis - Disease Which Requires Optimal Approach in Emergency Manner Case Study of Innovative Projects - Successful Real Cases Key Issues for Management of Innovative Projects Quantitative Structure-activity Relationship Modern Fuzzy Control Systems and Its Applications Senescence - Physiology or Pathology Manual on Scientific Communication for Postgraduate Students and Young Researchers in Technical, Natural and Life Sciences Quality of Life and Quality of Working Life Updates and Advances in Nephrolithiasis - Pathophysiology, Genetics, and Treatment Modalities Unemployment - Perspectives and Solutions Mechanisms of Neuroinflammation Empathy - An Evidence-based Interdisciplinary Perspective Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Interdisciplinary Approaches to Semiotics Flavonoids - From Biosynthesis to Human Health Organismal and Molecular Malacology Heuristics and Hyper-Heuristics - Principles and Applications Phytohormones - Signaling Mechanisms and Crosstalk in Plant Development and Stress Responses Development and Integration of Microgrids Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Researches of Metal Compounds Sepsis A Multidisciplinary Look at Menopause Computed Tomography - Advanced Applications Severe Plastic Deformation Techniques Optical Communication Technology Nematology - Concepts, Diagnosis and Control Advances in Health Management Functional Food - Improve Health through Adequate Food Advances in Natural Gas Emerging Technologies Vitamin C Visible Light Communications Dengue - Immunopathology and Control Strategies Epistemology and Transformation of Knowledge in Global Age Rare Earth Element Titanium Dioxide Application of Titanium Dioxide Renewable Hydropower Technologies Engineering Applications of Biochar Fractal Analysis - Applications in Health Sciences and Social Sciences Serotonin - A Chemical Messenger Between All Types of Living Cells Turbulence Modelling Approaches - Current State, Development Prospects, Applications Advances in Security in Computing and Communications Brewing Technology Gluconeogenesis Recent Improvements of Power Plants Management and Technology Intensive Care Alkaloids - Alternatives in Synthesis, Modification and Application Phosphoric Acid Industry - Problems and Solutions Motion Tracking and Gesture Recognition Renin-Angiotensin System - Past, Present and Future Radionuclide Treatments New Insights into Morphometry Studies Novel Implications of Exosomes in Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer and Infectious Diseases Optoelectronics - Advanced Device Structures Nanostructured Materials - Fabrication to Applications Lymphocyte Updates - Cancer, Autoimmunity and Infection Xenotransplantation - New Insights Recent Progress in Parallel and Distributed Computing Natural Remedies in the Fight Against Parasites Unique Aspects of Anti-cancer Drug Development Recent Trends in Cardiovascular Risks Cave Investigation Progress in Understanding Cystic Fibrosis <i>Escherichia coli</i> - Recent Advances on Physiology, Pathogenesis and Biotechnological Applications Application and Characterization of Surfactants Occupational Therapy - Occupation Focused Holistic Practice in Rehabilitation Cognitive Radio Natural Products and Cancer Drug Discovery Sociolinguistics - Interdisciplinary Perspectives An Interdisciplinary Approach to Psoriasis Nanowires - New Insights Green Chemical Processing and Synthesis Recent Progress in Organometallic Chemistry Transfusion Medicine and Scientific Developments Recent Applications in Sol-Gel Synthesis The Amygdala - Where Emotions Shape Perception, Learning and Memories Liver Cirrhosis - Update and Current Challenges Pyrolysis Uncertainty Quantification and Model Calibration Nitrification and Denitrification Qualitative versus Quantitative Research Distillation - Innovative Applications and Modeling Theory and Application on Cognitive Factors and Risk Management - New Trends and Procedures Structural Health Monitoring - Measurement Methods and Practical Applications Osteonecrosis Recent Developments in Sliding Mode Control Theory and Applications Hybrid Electric Vehicles Fatty Acids Interventional Cardiology Switched Reluctance Motor - Concept, Control and Applications Evolutionary Models of Convergent Margins - Origin of Their Diversity Embolic Diseases - Unusual Therapies and Challenges Phthalocyanines and Some Current Applications Nanoplasmonics - Fundamentals and Applications The Question of Caffeine Intellectual Property Rights Amino Acid - New Insights and Roles in Plant and Animal Recent Developments on Power Inverters Optical Fiber and Wireless Communications Synaptic Plasticity Clinical Management of Adrenal Tumors Cloud Computing - Architecture and Applications Paranasal Sinuses Sexual Dysfunction Toxoplasmosis Ion Implantation - Research and Application Physical Disabilities - Therapeutic Implications Carotenoids Fractal Analysis - Applications in Physics, Engineering and Technology Recent Studies in Perturbation Theory Trends in Modern Cosmology Nanomaterials Based Gas Sensors for SF6 Decomposition Components Detection Applications of the Voltammetry Computer Simulation Pediatric Cancer Survivors Mass Spectrometry Different Types of Field-Effect Transistors - Theory and Applications Issues of Human Resource Management Global Voices in Higher Education Bisphenol A Exposure and Health Risks Role of Neutrophils in Disease Pathogenesis Dynamics of Arc Migration and Amalgamation - Architectural Examples from the NW Pacific Margin Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Behcet's Disease Fault Diagnosis and Detection Bearing Technology Electrochemical Sensors Technology Field - Programmable Gate Array A Comprehensive Review of Urticaria and Angioedema Child and Adolescent Mental Health Pain Relief - From Analgesics to Alternative Therapies Nanomechanics Antibacterial Agents Lupus Electrical Resistivity and Conductivity New Research on Silicon - Structure, Properties, Technology Wheat Improvement, Management and Utilization Clinical Physical Therapy Peripheral Nerve Regeneration - From Surgery to New Therapeutic Approaches Including Biomaterials and Cell-Based Therapies Development Current Perspective to Predict Actual Evapotranspiration Teaching and Learning in Nursing Photomedicine - Advances in Clinical Practice The Evolution of Media Communication Nitric Oxide Synthase - Simple Enzyme-Complex Roles New Insights on Gamma Rays Properties and Uses of Microemulsions Cytoskeleton - Structure, Dynamics, Function and Disease Advanced Technology for Delivering Therapeutics Ad Hoc Networks Graphene Materials - Advanced Applications Graphene Materials - Structure, Properties and Modifications Radiotherapy Molecular Self-assembly in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Current Topics in Lactation Neurological Physical Therapy New Insights into Cell Culture Technology Hair and Scalp Disorders Antenna Arrays and Beam-formation Lagrangian Mechanics Biology of Myelomonocytic Cells Wave Propagation Concepts for Near-Future Telecommunication Systems Physico-Chemical Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Design, Control and Applications of Mechatronic Systems in Engineering Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery Biological Activities and Action Mechanisms of Licorice Ingredients Soybean - The Basis of Yield, Biomass and Productivity Chlorophyll International Development Metamaterials - Devices and Applications Advances in Statistical Methodologies and Their Application to Real Problems Challenges in Pancreatic Pathology Immunotherapy - Myths, Reality, Ideas, Future Updates in Gallbladder Diseases Heat Exchangers - Advanced Features and Applications Heat Exchangers - Design, Experiment and Simulation Osteosarcoma - Biology, Behavior and Mechanisms Forest Ecology and Conservation Citrus Pathology Patient Centered Medicine Current Perspectives on Less-known Aspects of Headache Insect Physiology and Ecology Developmental Diseases of the Hip - Diagnosis and Management Thin Film Processes - Artifacts on Surface Phenomena and Technological Facets Bladder Cancer - Management of NMI and Muscle-Invasive Cancer Autism - Paradigms, Recent Research and Clinical Applications Carbohydrate Sleep Apnea - Recent Updates Cardiomyopathies - Types and Treatments Updates in Liver Cancer Quantum Cascade Lasers Physiologic and Pathologic Angiogenesis - Signaling Mechanisms and Targeted Therapy Current Topics in Salmonella and Salmonellosis Breast Cancer - From Biology to Medicine Biological Control of Pest and Vector Insects Powder Metallurgy - Fundamentals and Case Studies Depression Biological Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Advances in Lipoprotein Research Advances in Clinical Audiology Enzyme Inhibitors and Activators New Approaches to the Management of Primary and Secondary CNS Tumors Global Exposition of Wildlife Management Rice - Technology and Production Immunopathogenesis and Immune-based Therapy for Selected Autoimmune Disorders Designing Strategies for Cleft Lip and Palate Care Trends and Advances in Veterinary Genetics Holographic Materials and Optical Systems Adiposity - Omics and Molecular Understanding Angiography and Endovascular Therapy for Peripheral Artery Disease Huntington's Disease - Molecular Pathogenesis and Current Models X-ray Characterization of Nanostructured Energy Materials by Synchrotron Radiation Dynamical Systems - Analytical and Computational Techniques Advances in International Rice Research Adiposity - Epidemiology and Treatment Modalities Developments in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Honey Analysis Terahertz Spectroscopy - A Cutting Edge Technology Acne and Acneiform Eruptions Nanofluid Heat and Mass Transfer in Engineering Problems Phenolic Compounds - Natural Sources, Importance and Applications Prion - An Overview Modern Technologies for Creating the Thin-film Systems and Coatings Magnetic Spinels - Synthesis, Properties and Applications Herbivores Recent Advances in Carbon Capture and Storage Active Ingredients from Aromatic and Medicinal Plants The Rise of Virulence and Antibiotic Resistance in <i>Staphylococcus aureus</i> Aromatic and Medicinal Plants - Back to Nature Advances in Treatment of Hepatitis C and B Phenolic Compounds - Biological Activity Wood in Civil Engineering Frontiers in <i>Staphylococcus aureus</i> Melanin The Epidemiology and Ecology of Leishmaniasis A Global Scientific Vision - Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Lung Cancer Genetic Diversity HIV/AIDS - Contemporary Challenges Modern Antenna Systems Vortex Structures in Fluid Dynamic Problems Current Perspective on Irrigation and Drainage Vortex Dynamics and Optical Vortices Nanostructured Solar Cells New Developments in the Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis Aortic Aneurysm Superfood and Functional Food - The Development of Superfoods and Their Roles as Medicine Quality Control and Assurance - An Ancient Greek Term Re-Mastered Progress and Developments in Ionic Liquids Human Helminthiasis Optical Interferometry The Role of the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist in the Management of Congestive Heart Failure People's Movements in the 21st Century - Risks, Challenges and Benefits Raman Spectroscopy and Applications Fourier Transforms - High-tech Application and Current Trends Endoscopic Ultrasound - From Usual to Special Synopsis in the Management of Urinary Incontinence Fermentation Processes Current Topics in Anesthesiology Emotion and Attention Recognition Based on Biological Signals and Images Chinese Medical Therapies for Diabetes, Infertility, Silicosis and the Theoretical Basis Hypoxia and Human Diseases Gender Differences in Different Contexts Household Hazardous Waste Management Magnesium Alloys Contemporary Leadership Challenges Earthquakes - Tectonics, Hazard and Risk Mitigation Eating Disorders - A Paradigm of the Biopsychosocial Model of Illness Occupational Health Frontiers in Bioenergy and Biofuels Urban Transport Systems Energy Efficient Buildings Water Quality Fertility-oriented Female Reproductive Surgery E-Business - State of the Art of ICT Based Challenges and Solutions Manifolds - Current Research Areas Microwave Systems and Applications Umbilical Cord Blood Banking for Clinical Application and Regenerative Medicine Livestock Science Study of Grain Boundary Character Functionalized Nanomaterials Operations Research - the Art of Making Good Decisions Botulinum Toxin Therapy Manual for Dystonia and Spasticity Metabolomics - Fundamentals and Applications Aerosols - Science and Case Studies Bioethics - Medical, Ethical and Legal Perspectives Thermoelectrics for Power Generation - A Look at Trends in the Technology Glaucoma - Intraocular Pressure and Aqueous Dynamics A Master Regulator of Oxidative Stress - The Transcription Factor Nrf2 Soil Contamination - Current Consequences and Further Solutions Electrospinning - Material, Techniques, and Biomedical Applications Sustainable Energy - Technological Issues, Applications and Case Studies Complex Systems, Sustainability and Innovation Applications of Laser Ablation - Thin Film Deposition, Nanomaterial Synthesis and Surface Modification Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Novel Concepts for Research and Treatment Towards 5G Wireless Networks - A Physical Layer Perspective Genetic Engineering - An Insight into the Strategies and Applications Air Quality - Measurement and Modeling Virtual Learning Body Contouring and Sculpting Schizophrenia Treatment - The New Facets Pattern Recognition - Analysis and Applications Computer-aided Technologies - Applications in Engineering and Medicine Anti-cancer Drugs - Nature, Synthesis and Cell Worldwide Wound Healing - Innovation in Natural and Conventional Methods Advances in Common Eye Infections Smart Cities Technologies Polymerase Chain Reaction for Biomedical Applications New Developments in Anxiety Disorders Oncology Critical Care Microsatellite Markers Composites from Renewable and Sustainable Materials Current Topics in Malaria Cryopreservation in Eukaryotes Telomere - A Complex End of a Chromosome Recent Advances in Image and Video Coding Adhesives - Applications and Properties Advances in Microfluidics - New Applications in Biology, Energy, and Materials Sciences Advances in Silage Production and Utilization Advances in Colloid Science Plant Growth Sickle Cell Disease - Pain and Common Chronic Complications Luminescence - An Outlook on the Phenomena and their Applications Tropical Forests - The Challenges of Maintaining Ecosystem Services while Managing the Landscape Contemporary Challenges in Endocarditis Autophagy in Current Trends in Cellular Physiology and Pathology Entrepreneurship - Practice-Oriented Perspectives Cotton Research A Multidimensional Approach to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - from Theory to Practice Supercapacitor Design and Applications New Insights into Inflammatory Bowel Disease Recent Developments in Tropical Cyclone Dynamics, Prediction, and Detection Fitness Medicine Free Radicals and Diseases Products from Olive Tree Steps Forwards in Diagnosing and Controlling Influenza Microcirculation Revisited - From Molecules to Clinical Practice Toxicology - New Aspects to This Scientific Conundrum Grape and Wine Biotechnology Echocardiography in Heart Failure and Cardiac Electrophysiology An Analysis of Contemporary Social Welfare Issues Fracture Mechanics - Properties, Patterns and Behaviours Nonlinear Systems - Design, Analysis, Estimation and Control Progress in Metallic Alloys Grain Legumes Human Skin Cancer, Potential Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR) - a Practical Overview Challenges in Elder Care Wound Healing - New insights into Ancient Challenges Tsunami Robot Control Structural Bridge Engineering Restricted Growth - Clinical, Genetic and Molecular Aspects Epileptology - The Modern State of Science Automation and Control Trends Nanofiber Research - Reaching New Heights Conducting Polymers Advances in Noise Analysis, Mitigation and Control New Challenges in Seed Biology - Basic and Translational Research Driving Seed Technology Recent Advances in Graphene Research Metal-Organic Frameworks Applications of Molecular Spectroscopy to Current Research in the Chemical and Biological Sciences Topics in Climate Modeling Advances in Carbon Nanostructures Recent Advances in Robotic Systems Modeling and Simulation for Electric Vehicle Applications High Performance Concrete Technology and Applications Sustainable Urbanization Update on Dementia Update on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Applied Studies of Coastal and Marine Environments Tumor Metastasis Herpesviridae Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences Chemical Vapor Deposition - Recent Advances and Applications in Optical, Solar Cells and Solid State Devices Colorectal Cancer - From Pathogenesis to Treatment Two-dimensional Materials - Synthesis, Characterization and Potential Applications Semiconductor Photocatalysis - Materials, Mechanisms and Applications Bioinformatics - Updated Features and Applications Carbon Nanotubes - Current Progress of their Polymer Composites New Trends and Developments in Metrology Big Data on Real-World Applications 6th International Maar Conference - Abstracts Human Papillomavirus - Research in a Global Perspective Nutritional Deficiency Green Nanotechnology - Overview and Further Prospects Renewable Energy - Utilisation and System Integration Tourism - From Empirical Research Towards Practical Application Plasma Science and Technology - Progress in Physical States and Chemical Reactions Concise Reliability for Engineers Significance, Prevention and Control of Food Related Diseases Apatites and their Synthetic Analogues - Synthesis, Structure, Properties and Applications Advances in Functionally Graded Materials and Structures Alternative Fuels, Technical and Environmental Conditions Electrodeposition of Composite Materials Montecarlo Simulation of Two Component Aerosol Processes Membrane-bound Atp-dependent Energy Systems and the Gastrointestinal Mucosal Damage and Protection Recent Advances in Biopolymers Insecticides Resistance Fiber Laser Abiotic and Biotic Stress in Plants - Recent Advances and Future Perspectives Actinobacteria - Basics and Biotechnological Applications Arthroplasty - A Comprehensive Review Cell Death - Autophagy, Apoptosis and Necrosis Wetting and Wettability Cellulose - Fundamental Aspects and Current Trends Advances in DNA Repair The Non-Thrombotic Role of Platelets in Health and Disease Major Topics in Type 1 Diabetes Biofuels - Status and Perspective Biosensors - Micro and Nanoscale Applications Research and Practices in Water Quality Advances in Bioremediation of Wastewater and Polluted Soil Muscle Cell and Tissue Nanomaterials - Toxicity and Risk Assessment Toxicology Studies - Cells, Drugs and Environment Topics in Public Health Advanced Topics in Crystallization Ionic Liquids - Current State of the Art Energy Efficiency Improvements in Smart Grid Components Biodiversity in Ecosystems - Linking Structure and Function Autism Spectrum Disorder - Recent Advances Entrepreneurship Education and Training Advances in Optical Fiber Technology: Fundamental Optical Phenomena and Applications Application of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Mitigation of Ionospheric Threats to GNSS: an Appraisal of the Scientific and Technological Outputs of the TRANSMIT Project Strontium Aluminate - Cement Fundamentals, Manufacturing, Hydration, Setting Behaviour and Applications Oligomerization of Chemical and Biological Compounds Land Applications of Radar Remote Sensing Rice - Germplasm, Genetics and Improvement Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination Leishmaniasis - Trends in Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment CO2 Sequestration and Valorization Advances in Gas Chromatography Developments in Corrosion Protection Advances in Biology and Ecology of Nitrogen Fixation Cellulose - Medical, Pharmaceutical and Electronic Applications Cellulose - Fundamental Aspects Modeling and Measurement Methods for Acoustic Waves and for Acoustic Microdevices Remote Sensing of Environment - Integrated Approaches Using Old Solutions to New Problems - Natural Drug Discovery in the 21st Century Biodegradation - Engineering and Technology Brain-Computer Interface Systems - Recent Progress and Future Prospects Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering Effective and Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing Sustainable Degradation of Lignocellulosic Biomass - Techniques, Applications and Commercialization Syntheses and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Composites Biomass Now - Cultivation and Utilization Biomass Now - Sustainable Growth and Use The Mediterranean Genetic Code - Grapevine and Olive Confocal Laser Microscopy - Principles and Applications in Medicine, Biology, and the Food Sciences Liquid, Gaseous and Solid Biofuels - Conversion Techniques Food Safety and Agro-Environment in China: Perceptions and Behaviors of Farmers and Consumers Orbital Integrals on Reductive Lie Groups and Their Algebras Current Perspectives in Contaminant Hydrology and Water Resources Sustainability Bioactive Food Peptides in Health and Disease Insecticides - Development of Safer and More Effective Technologies Organic Pollutants - Monitoring, Risk and Treatment New Insights into Toxicity and Drug Testing Ionic Liquids - New Aspects for the Future Aflatoxins - Recent Advances and Future Prospects Optoelectronics - Advanced Materials and Devices Food Industry Eco-Friendly Textile Dyeing and Finishing Water Treatment A Comprehensive Survey of International Soybean Research - Genetics, Physiology, Agronomy and Nitrogen Relationships High Performance Polymers - Polyimides Based - From Chemistry to Applications Carbohydrates - Comprehensive Studies on Glycobiology and Glycotechnology Esophageal Reconstruction Ion Exchange Technologies Recent Advances in Novel Drug Carrier Systems The Complex World of Polysaccharides Hydrogen Energy - Challenges and Perspectives Recent Advances in Plant in vitro Culture Smart Actuation and Sensing Systems - Recent Advances and Future Challenges International Conference on Applied Life Sciences Probiotics Probiotic in Animals Lipoproteins - Role in Health and Diseases Nanocomposites - New Trends and Developments Glycosylation Nitroxides - Theory, Experiment and Applications New Polymers for Special Applications Virtual Reality in Psychological, Medical and Pedagogical Applications Milk Protein Chiral Capillary Electrophoresis in Current Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis Biodiversity Enrichment in a Diverse World Data Mining Applications in Engineering and Medicine Lipid Peroxidation Advanced Aspects of Spectroscopy Nanocrystals - Synthesis, Characterization and Applications Structure and Function of Food Engineering Tectonics - Recent Advances Salmonella - Distribution, Adaptation, Control Measures and Molecular Technologies Molecular Regulation of Endocytosis Ion Implantation Fourier Transform - Materials Analysis Public Health - Social and Behavioral Health Advances in Crystallization Processes Biomarker Infrared Spectroscopy - Materials Science, Engineering and Technology Health and Environment in Aquaculture Stoichiometry and Materials Science - When Numbers Matter Advances in Natural Gas Technology Physical Therapy Perspectives in the 21st Century - Challenges and Possibilities Gel Electrophoresis - Principles and Basics Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria - A Continuous Challenge in the New Millennium Protein-Protein Interactions - Computational and Experimental Tools Global Advances in Biogeography Fuzzy Logic - Controls, Concepts, Theories and Applications Thermoplastic Elastomers Chemometrics in Practical Applications Energy Transmission and Grid Integration of AC Offshore Wind Farms Recent Advances in Plasticizers Advances in Agrophysical Research Advances in Graphene Science Exploring the Solar Wind Affinity Chromatography Gamma Radiation Phytochemicals - A Global Perspective of Their Role in Nutrition and Health Advanced Gas Chromatography - Progress in Agricultural, Biomedical and Industrial Applications Material Recycling - Trends and Perspectives Current Topics in Tropical Medicine Greenhouse Gases - Emission, Measurement and Management Advances in Embryo Transfer Current Frontiers in Cryopreservation Genetic Diversity in Plants Approaches to Managing Disaster - Assessing Hazards, Emergencies and Disaster Impacts Current Frontiers in Cryobiology Current Topics in Ionizing Radiation Research Scanning Electron Microscopy Current Topics in Phylogenetics and Phylogeography of Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems Stoichiometry and Research - The Importance of Quantity in Biomedicine Earthquake Research and Analysis - Statistical Studies, Observations and Planning Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Crude Oil Emulsions - Composition Stability and Characterization Marine Ecosystems Sintering of Ceramics - New Emerging Techniques Lignocellulosic Precursors Used in the Synthesis of Activated Carbon - Characterization Techniques and Applications in the Wastewater Treatment Tandem Mass Spectrometry - Applications and Principles Gas Chromatography in Plant Science, Wine Technology, Toxicology and Some Specific Applications Senescence Entrepreneurship - Creativity and Innovative Business Models Nutrition, Well-Being and Health Viral Genomes - Molecular Structure, Diversity, Gene Expression Mechanisms and Host-Virus Interactions Lithium Ion Batteries - New Developments Integrated Pest Management and Pest Control - Current and Future Tactics Understanding Tuberculosis - Analyzing the Origin of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Pathogenicity Organic Pollutants Ten Years After the Stockholm Convention - Environmental and Analytical Update Smoothing, Filtering and Prediction - Estimating The Past, Present and Future Recent Advances in Aircraft Technology Genetic Diversity in Microorganisms Low Carbon Policy and Development in Taiwan Integrative Proteomics Topics on Drug Metabolism Selected Topics on Optical Fiber Technology Food Industrial Processes - Methods and Equipment Advanced Topics in Biomineralization Understanding Tuberculosis - Deciphering the Secret Life of the Bacilli Understanding Tuberculosis - New Approaches to Fighting Against Drug Resistance Understanding Tuberculosis - Global Experiences and Innovative Approaches to the Diagnosis Huntington's Disease - Core Concepts and Current Advances Advances in Photosynthesis - Fundamental Aspects Insecticides - Pest Engineering Metabolomics Toxicity and Drug Testing Contemporary and Innovative Practice in Palliative Care Earthquake Research and Analysis - Seismology, Seismotectonic and Earthquake Geology Management of Organic Waste Olive Oil - Constituents, Quality, Health Properties and Bioconversions Bioethanol Aquaculture Sex Steroids Advances in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Research Preterm Birth - Mother and Child Water Stress Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Advances in Chemical Sensors Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology Herbicides - Properties, Synthesis and Control of Weeds Plant Breeding Insecticides - Advances in Integrated Pest Management Aquaculture and the Environment - A Shared Destiny Advances in Data, Methods, Models and Their Applications in Geoscience Sustainable Energy Harvesting Technologies - Past, Present and Future Nanomaterials Drug Discovery and Development - Present and Future Current Trends in X-Ray Crystallography Textile Dyeing Neurodegenerative Diseases - Processes, Prevention, Protection and Monitoring Modern Arthroscopy Earth and Environmental Sciences Drug Development - A Case Study Based Insight into Modern Strategies The Dynamical Processes of Biodiversity - Case Studies of Evolution and Spatial Distribution Hydraulic Conductivity - Issues, Determination and Applications Power Quality Harmonics Analysis and Real Measurements Data Advances in Regenerative Medicine Electrical Generation and Distribution Systems and Power Quality Disturbances Biodiesel - Quality, Emissions and By-Products Biodiversity Loss in a Changing Planet Biomaterials Applications for Nanomedicine Changing Diversity in Changing Environment HIV Infection in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Treatment and Some of Its Associated Complications Nanofibers - Production, Properties and Functional Applications Biomaterials - Physics and Chemistry Biodiesel - Feedstocks and Processing Technologies Non-Viral Gene Therapy Computational Modelling of Multi-scale Solute Dispersion in Porous Media - An Approach Based on Stochastic Calculus Advances in Gas Turbine Technology Mass Transfer - Advanced Aspects Mass Transfer in Chemical Engineering Processes Thermodynamics - Interaction Studies - Solids, Liquids and Gases Advances in Treating Textile Effluent Aflatoxins - Detection, Measurement and Control Gene Duplication Tribology - Lubricants and Lubrication Research in Biodiversity - Models and Applications Acute Phase Proteins as Early Non-Specific Biomarkers of Human and Veterinary Diseases Silicon Carbide - Materials, Processing and Applications in Electronic Devices Pesticides in the Modern World - Risks and Benefits Acute Phase Proteins - Regulation and Functions of Acute Phase Proteins Global Warming Impacts - Case Studies on the Economy, Human Health, and on Urban and Natural Environments Aflatoxins - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Pesticides in the Modern World - Pests Control and Pesticides Exposure and Toxicity Assessment Optoelectronics - Materials and Techniques Abiotic Stress in Plants - Mechanisms and Adaptations Applications of Ionic Liquids in Science and Technology Biofuel Production - Recent Developments and Prospects A Comprehensive Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders Developments in Heat Transfer Biomaterials Science and Engineering Systems and Computational Biology - Bioinformatics and Computational Modeling Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis - Core Concepts, Shifting Paradigms and Therapeutic Targets Climate Change - Geophysical Foundations and Ecological Effects Climate Change - Socioeconomic Effects Biomass - Detection, Production and Usage Advances in Composite Materials - Analysis of Natural and Man-Made Materials Climate Change - Research and Technology for Adaptation and Mitigation Genetic Transformation Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering - Cells and Biomaterials Abiotic Stress Response in Plants - Physiological, Biochemical and Genetic Perspectives Economic Effects of Biofuel Production Implant Dentistry - A Rapidly Evolving Practice Biomedical Engineering - From Theory to Applications Ferroelectrics - Material Aspects Ferroelectrics - Physical Effects Ferroelectrics - Applications Ferroelectrics - Characterization and Modeling Applied Biomedical Engineering Advanced Biomedical Engineering Advanced Air Pollution Carbon Nanotubes - Polymer Nanocomposites Advances in Ceramics - Synthesis and Characterization, Processing and Specific Applications Nanocomposites and Polymers with Analytical Methods Carbon Nanotubes - Growth and Applications Alternative Fuel New Frontiers in Tectonic Research - At the Midst of Plate Convergence Biomedical Engineering - Frontiers and Challenges New Approaches to Characterization and Recognition of Faces DNA Replication - Current Advances Biofuel's Engineering Process Technology Progress in Molecular and Environmental Bioengineering - From Analysis and Modeling to Technology Applications Graphene Simulation Carbon Nanotubes Applications on Electron Devices New Frontiers in Tectonic Research - General Problems, Sedimentary Basins and Island Arcs Advances in Nanocomposite Technology Microwave Heating Crystalline Silicon - Properties and Uses Organic Light Emitting Diode - Material, Process and Devices Progress in Biomass and Bioenergy Production Metal, Ceramic and Polymeric Composites for Various Uses Carbon Nanotubes - Synthesis, Characterization, Applications Nanowires - Fundamental Research Biosensors for Health, Environment and Biosecurity Biosensors - Emerging Materials and Applications Nanowires - Implementations and Applications Fundamental and Advanced Topics in Wind Power Biotechnology of Biopolymers Soybean - Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physiology Laser Scanning, Theory and Applications Evolutionary Algorithms Sediment Transport Advances in Nanocomposites - Synthesis, Characterization and Industrial Applications Physics and Applications of Graphene - Experiments Advances in Sound Localization Fourier Transforms - Approach to Scientific Principles Soybean - Molecular Aspects of Breeding Cellular Automata - Simplicity Behind Complexity Artificial Neural Networks - Application Artificial Neural Networks - Methodological Advances and Biomedical Applications Properties and Applications of Silicon Carbide Wind Turbines Artificial Neural Networks - Industrial and Control Engineering Applications Microstrip Antennas Waste Water - Treatment and Reutilization Waste Water - Evaluation and Management Fourier Transforms - New Analytical Approaches and FTIR Strategies Advances in Photodiodes Advances in Diverse Industrial Applications of Nanocomposites Advances in Composite Materials - Ecodesign and Analysis Tectonics Ionic Liquids: Theory, Properties, New Approaches Holography, Research and Technologies Ionic Liquids: Applications and Perspectives Advances in Induction and Microwave Heating of Mineral and Organic Materials Herbicides, Theory and Applications Self Organizing Maps - Applications and Novel Algorithm Design New Trends and Developments in Automotive System Engineering Thermodynamics Pesticides - The Impacts of Pesticides Exposure Application of Thermodynamics to Biological and Materials Science The Tsunami Threat - Research and Technology Pesticides - Strategies for Pesticides Analysis Biomedical Engineering, Trends, Research and Technologies Biomedical Engineering, Trends in Electronics, Communications and Software Biomedical Engineering, Trends in Materials Science Virtual Reality Herbicides and Environment Magnesium Alloys - Corrosion and Surface Treatments Magnesium Alloys - Design, Processing and Properties Fungicides Coherence and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Emission Wireless Sensor Networks: Application - Centric Design Biopolymers Globalization - Today, Tomorrow Acoustic Waves Biomass Climate Change and Variability Natural Gas Nanowires Geoscience and Remote Sensing New Achievements Carbon Nanotubes Silver Nanoparticles Radio Occultation Method for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Ionosphere Nanowires Science and Technology Solar Energy Frontiers in Guided Wave Optics and Optoelectronics Biosensors Intelligent and Biosensors Rehabilitation Robotics Swarm Intelligence, Focus on Ant and Particle Swarm Optimization Face Recognition Chapter 1 Dimensions of European heritage and memory Chapter 3 The instruments of European heritage Chapter 4 Reversion and reprisal Chapter 9 Who is Europe? Chapter 10 Final thoughts Chapter 7 ‘Indefensible and Irresponsible' Political Transition and Inclusive Development in Malawi Travailler dans la grande distribution Die Nutzung von Evaluationen in den Schweizer Parlamenten Alternate History: Playing with Contingency and Necessity Code-switching Between Structural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives Combinatory Linguistics Context-Dependence, Perspective and Relativity Exile and Return, The Babylonian Context Future Narratives: Theory, Poetics, and Media-Historical Moment Healing Magic and Evil Demons. Canonical Udug-hul Incantations History and Religion: Narrating a Religious Past In the Wake of the Compendia. Infrastructural Contexts and the Licensing of Empiricism in Ancient and Medieval Mesopotamia L’historiographie tardo-antique et la transmission des savoirs La “descrizione dei tempi” all’alba dell’espansione islamica. Un’indagine sulla storiografia greca, siriaca e araba fra VII e VIII secolo L'harmonie des Sirènes du pythagorisme ancien à Platon Melothesia in Babylonia. Medicine, Magic, and Astrology in the Ancient Near East Men in the Middle. Local Priests in Early Medieval Europe Parenthesis and Ellipsis: Cross-Linguistic and Theoretical Perspectives Playing the Text, Performing the Future: Future Narratives in Print and Digiture Public and Private in Ancient Mediterranean Law and Religion Running and Clicking: Future Narratives in Film Snapshots of Evolving Traditions: Jewish and Christian Manuscript Culture, Textual Fluidity, and New Philology Space in Hellenistic Philosophy: Critical Studies in Ancient Physics Storyplaying: Agency and Narrative in Video Games Surviving the Middle Passage: The West Africa-Surinam Sprachbund The Expression of Gender Transformations of Romanness: Early Medieval Regions and Identities Compartment Syndrome Construire le monde du hardcore Le bénévolat des jeunes Enjeux de la formation professionnelle en Suisse Militant Jihadism Gender, Work and Migration Chapter 5 Migrant Women in Trade Unions Chapter 1 Narrations of homogeneity, waning welfare states, and the politics of solidarity Außerordentliches Bibliotheken in der NS-Zeit Bilderfronten Der Kolosserhymnus Die Christologie der Pastoralbriefe Russlands Bodenkunde in der Welt Sea Spots Zwischen Souveränität und Ökonomie Willensfreiheit und rechtliche Schuld Vom Weihegefäß zur Drohne Urheberrechtssysteme und kollektive Rechtwahrnehmung in Südosteuropa Transparenz des öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunks Theorie der Gesetzesinterpretation im frühen 20. Jahrhundert The Queer Intersectional in Contemporary Germany Staatliche Förderung beruflicher Weiterbildung in Deutschland und Schweden Soziales Entschädigungsrecht Sexueller Missbrauch Minderjähriger durch katholische Geistliche in Deutschland Sakralität und Heldentum Neutralität nach "Schweizer Muster"? Jahrbuch für direkte Demokratie 2014-2016 Jahrbuch für direkte Demokratie 2012 Jahrbuch für direkte Demokratie 2011 Jahrbuch für direkte Demokratie 2010 Jahrbuch für direkte Demokratie 2009 Imitatio heroica Herbst des Helden Helden müssen sterben Grundrechte für Tiere Gerechter Ausgleich und angemessene Vergütung Geburtenrückgang und Familienpolitik Fremde Helden auf europäischen Bühnen (1600-1900) Fair Use im deutschen und europäischen Urheberrecht? Eine Kritik juridischer Vernunft Dritter Gentechnologiebericht Digitale Kultur zum Pauschaltarif? Die Vielfalt des Rechtspositivismus Die staatliche Verantwortung für die stationäre Langzeitpflege in England und Deutschland Die Realisierung der Arbeitnehmerfreizügigkeit im Verhältnis zwischen Deutschland und Polen aus arbeits- und sozialrechtlicher Sicht Die Qualitätssicherung in der häuslichen Pflege in Deutschland und Österreich Die öffentliche Gesundheitsversorgung in Polen Die Mimikry des Völkerrechts Die Krise der Jungen Die grenzüberschreitende Lizenzierung von Online-Musikrechten in Europa Österreichisches Deutsch macht Schule Entangled Entertainers Die Alterssicherung von Beamten und ihre Reformen im Rechtsvergleich Die "dritte Generation" Der positive und der negative Verfassungsvorbehalt Das Recht zwischen Reinheit und Realität Das Recht auf Anhörung eines bestimmten Arztes (§ 109 SGG) Das Ende des repräsentativen Staates? Demokratie am Scheideweg - The End of the Representative State? Democracy at the Crossroads Darf der Staat seine Bürger erziehen? Bewunderer, Verehrer, Zuschauer: Die Helden und ihr Publikum Behinderung und berufliche Rehabilitation in Deutschland und der Schweiz Auf dem Weg zu Souveränität und Westintegration (1948-1955) Arbeitsunfall 4.0 "dick, dumm, abhängig, gewalttätig?" Essays on Paula Rego: Smile When You Think about Hell Fremdsprachenforschung als interdisziplinäres Projekt Der Aufbruch der Frauen in der SPD Soziale Arbeit – Kernthemen und Problemfelder Soziale Medien in Schule und Hochschule Learning to Read Talmud Television Scales INTERNET, MON AMOUR. Cronache prima del crollo di ieri