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Deutsche Grammatik - Regeln, Normen, Sprachgebrauch

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Book Series: Jahrbuch des Instituts für Deutsche Sprache ISSN: 0537-7900 ISBN: 9783110217360 Year: Volume: 2008 Pages: 388 DOI: 10.1515/9783110217360 Language: German
Publisher: De Gruyter
Subject: Linguistics
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Concern for the German language will always attract large audiences. Whoever claims that language is going to the dogs can be sure of the approbation of those who see themselves as linguistically superior. However, the status of grammatical rules is seldom questioned. It is in fact by no means clear what can be seen as correct German. How is ´German` to be understood? Who determines what should be regarded as correct? The 44th Annual Conference of the Institut für Deutsche Sprache [German Language Research Institute] endeavoured to help clarify questions such as these, and took as its topic German grammar in the tension between rules, standards and language usage.

Grammar and Corpora 2016

Authors: --- --- ---
ISBN: 9783946054849 9783946054832 9783946054825 Year: Pages: 468 DOI: 10.17885/heiup.361.509 Language: English, German
Publisher: Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP)
Subject: Linguistics --- Languages and Literatures
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In recent years, the availability of large annotated corpora, together with a new interest in the empirical foundation and validation of linguistic theory and description, has sparked a surge of novel work using corpus methods to study the grammar of natural languages. This volume presents recent developments and advances, firstly, in corpus-oriented grammar research with a special focus on Germanic, Slavic, and Romance languages and, secondly, in corpus linguistic methodology as well as the application of corpus methods to grammar-related fields. The volume results from the sixth international conference Grammar and Corpora 2016 (GaC 2016), which took place at the Institute for the German Language (IDS) in Mannheim, Germany, in November 2016.

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