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Multifunctional Land Uses in Africa

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Book Series: Earthscan Food and Agriculture Series ISBN: 9780367246440 9780429283666 Year: Pages: 192 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Agriculture (General)
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This book presents contemporary case studies of land use, management practices,
and innovation in Africa with a view to exploring how multifunctional land uses
can alleviate food insecurity and poverty.
Food security and livelihoods in Africa face multiple challenges in the form of
feeding a growing population on declining land areas under the impacts of climate
change. The overall question is what kind of farming systems can provide resilient
livelihoods? This volume presents a selection of existing farming systems that
demonstrate how more efficient use of land and natural resources, labour and other
inputs can have positive effects on household food security and livelihoods. It
examines how aquaculture, integrated water management, peri-urban
systems, climate-smart
agriculture practices and parkland agroforestry contribute
multiple benefits. Drawing on case studies from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria and
Burkina Faso, contributed by young African scientists, this book provides a unique
perspective on multifunctional land use in Africa and illustrates how non-conventional
uses can be profitable while promoting social and environmental
sustainability. Tapping into the global discussion on land scarcity and linking food
security to existing land use change processes, this volume will stimulate readers
looking for diversified land uses that are compatible with both household and
national food security ambitions.
This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of African development,
agriculture, food security, land use and environmental management, as well
as sustainable development more generally, in addition to policymakers and practitioners
working in these areas.

International Aid and China's Environment

Book Series: Routledge Studies on China in Transition ISBN: 9780203086520 9780415378208 9780415648684 9781134183166 9781134183159 9781134183111 Year: DOI: 10.4324/9780203086520 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Environmental Sciences --- Political Science --- Sociology --- Science (General)
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Rapid economic growth in the world's most populous nation is leading to widespread soil erosion, desertification, deforestation and the depletion of vital natural resources. The scale and severity of environmental problems in China now threaten the economic and social foundations of its modernization. Using case studies, Morton analyzes the relationship between international and local responses to environmental problems in China, challenging the prevailing wisdom that weak compliance is the only constraint upon local environmental management in China. It advances two interrelated discussions: first, it constructs a conceptual framework for understanding the key dimensions of environmental capacity. This is broadly defined to encompass the financial, institutional, technological and social aspects of environmental management. Second, the book presents the results of an empirical inquiry into the implementation of donor-funded environmental projects in both China's poorer and relatively developed regions. By drawing upon extensive fieldwork, it seeks to explain how, and under what conditions, international donors can strengthen China's environmental capacity, especially at the local level. It will be of interest to those studying Chinese politics, environmental studies and international relations.

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