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Chapter 24 FOOD AS COMMONS (Book chapter)

Authors: --- --- ---
ISBN: 9781351665520 9781138062627 9781315161495 Year: Pages: 24 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Agriculture (General)
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This book was motivated by the need to approach with a fresh look what we regard as perhaps
the most embarrassing
predicament of the Anthropocene/Capitalocene (Capra and Mattei,
2015, Altvater et al., 2016, Moore, 2017). We live in an era with roughly the same number (about
one billion) of over-fed people and of people lacking access to nutritious food (which means
that do not know in the morning if they will be able to feed themselves and their children during
the day). Our era also stands out by the remarkable amount of food that is wasted in some
parts of the world and by the unprecedented number of livestock that populates this planet
(Patel and Moore, 2017). Moreover, in the current phase of neoliberal capitalism that dominates
in the Anthropocene/Capitalocene, the ecological footprint is out of control; some rich people
(the majority in the Global North and the elite in the Global South) can enjoy every day food
shipped from thousands of miles away on gas gulping aircrafts and boats that pollute the environment
beyond imagination. Such luxury, the result of the worldwide colonization of diets,
would be impossible without a very significant environmental subsidy; if all the externalities
had to be internalized, eating Nile Perch would be unaffordable to most people everywhere.
The subsidy is ultimately paid by the poor in the South and, in general, will certainly be paid
by future generations. Unless we deal with and avoid the hidden social and environmental costs
that are so far unaccounted for in the hegemonic food system (TEEB, 2018)


Food --- commons --- public --- civic --- private

The State, Business and Education: Public-Private Partnerships Revisited

Authors: ---
Book Series: NORRAG Series on International Education and Development ISBN: 9781788970327 9781788970334 Year: Pages: 208 DOI: 10.4337/9781788970334
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Subject: Economics --- Education
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Businesses, philanthropies and non-profit entities are increasingly successful in capturing public funds to support private provision of schooling in developed and developing countries. Coupled with market-based reforms that include weak regulation, control over workforces, standardization of processes and economies of scale, private provision of schooling is often seen to be convenient for both public authorities and businesses. This book examines how the public subsidization of these forms of private education affects quality, equality and the realization of human rights.With original research from leading experts, The State, Business and Education sheds light on the privatization of education in fragile circumstances. It illustrates the ways in which private actors have expanded their involvement in education as a business, and shows the influence of policy borrowing on the spread of for-profit education. Case studies from Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India and Syrian refugee camps illustrate the ways in which private actors have expanded their involvement in education as a business.This book will be of interest not only to academics and students of international and comparative education, but also to education development professionals in both the private and public sectors, with its empirical assessment of case studies, and careful consideration of the lessons to be learned from each.

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