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Appians Κελτική

ISBN: 9783903207042 Year: Pages: 513 DOI: 10.15661/tyche/supplement.09.appian Language: German
Publisher: Holzhausen Grant: Austrian Science Fund - PUB 538
Subject: Languages and Literatures
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Appian’s Celtic History, which deals with the military conflicts between Romans and Celts from the 4th cent. BC until the conquest of Gaul by Caesar, is despite its fragmentary state a valuable source, as it contains various information documented nowhere else or significantly different to those traditions attested by other authors. In addition to the Greek text and a German translation of the individual fragments, the present publication offers above all the first detailed commentary, which makes this little regarded source accessible.

Empire in Crisis: Gothic Invasions and Roman Historiography

ISBN: 9783903207387 Year: Language: English
Publisher: Holzhausen Grant: Austrian Science Fund (FWF) - PUB 673
Subject: History --- Languages and Literatures --- Arts in general --- Archaeology --- Linguistics --- Social Sciences
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The volume, which has emerged from an international conference of the same title, unites a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary contributions on invasions of Goths and other Germanic tribes into the Roman Empire, focusing primarily on the third-century CE. The newly discovered fragments of the lost work Scythica by the third-century historian Dexippus of Athens, the so-called Scythica Vindobonensia alias Dexippus Vindobonensis, which survived in a Greek palimpsest kept in the Austrian National Library in Vienna, have great impact on the study of this field. The contributions explore the Vienna fragments in their historical and historiographical contexts, from the Roman to the Byzantine Era, and the history of the invasions themselves.

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