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Crystal Growth and Stoichiometry of Strongly Correlated Intermetallic Cerium Compounds (Book chapter)

Authors: ---
ISBN: 9789533076102 Year: DOI: 10.5772/29675 Language: English
Publisher: IntechOpen Grant: FP7 Ideas: European Research Council - 227378
Subject: Science (General)
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Strongly correlated electron systems are among the most active research topics in modern condensed matter physics. In strongly correlated materials the electron interaction energies dominate the electron kinetic energy which leads to unconventional properties. Heavy fermion compounds form one of the classes of such materials. In heavy fermion compounds the interaction of itinerant electrons with local magnetic moments generates quasiparticles with masses up to several 1000 electron masses. This may be accompanied by exciting properties, such as unconventional superconductivity in a magnetic environment, non-Fermi liquid behavior and quantum criticality. Strong electronic correlations are responsible for physical phenomena on a low energy scale. Consequently, these phenomena have to be studied at low temperatures. This, in turn, requires ultimate quality of single crystals to avoid that the low temperature intrinsic properties are covered by extrinsic effects due to off-stoichiometry, impurities or other crystal imperfections.


stoichiometry --- growth --- crystal

International Development

ISBN: 9789535131038 9789535131045 Year: Pages: 182 DOI: 10.5772/63034 Language: English
Publisher: IntechOpen
Subject: Economics
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This book brings together leading researchers in the field of international development to examine issues relating to food security, health, rural development, human development, and institutional strengthening in developing countries. Based on empirical research, the book discusses a variety of topics including nutrition-sensitive agricultural development in South Africa, household food security in Tanzania, medical research in Egypt, child mortality in Christian and Islamic countries, spot improvement of rural roads in Asia and Africa, resilience in natural disaster, the relationship between foreign aid and human development in Africa, and finally developing competencies for rural development project management through the creation of local action groups in Argentina. The book is insightful and serves as an important reference material on international development.

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