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Emerging Advances in Petrophysics. Porous Media Characterization and Modeling of Multiphase Flow

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ISBN: 9783038977940 9783038977957 Year: Pages: 258 DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-03897-795-7 Language: English
Publisher: MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Subject: Science (General) --- Physics (General) --- Geophysics and Geomagnetism
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Due to the influence of pore-throat size distribution, pore connectivity, and microscale fractures, the transport, distribution, and residual saturation of fluids in porous media are difficult to characterize. Petrophysical methods in natural porous media have attracted great attention in a variety of fields, especially in the oil and gas industry. A wide range of research studies have been conducted on the characterization of porous media covers and multiphase flow therein. Reliable approaches for characterizing microstructure and multiphase flow in porous media are crucial in many fields, including the characterization of residual water or oil in hydrocarbon reservoirs and the long-term storage of supercritical CO2 in geological formations. This book gathers together 15 recent works to emphasize fundamental innovations in the field and novel applications of petrophysics in unconventional reservoirs, including experimental studies, numerical modeling (fractal approach), and multiphase flow modeling/simulations. The relevant stakeholders of this book are authorities and service companies working in the petroleum, subsurface water resources, air and water pollution, environmental, and biomaterial sectors.


Wilkins equation --- non-laminar flow --- turbulence modelling --- porous media --- oil tanker --- temperature drop --- oscillating motion --- numerical simulation --- soil-water characteristic curve --- initial void ratio --- air-entry value --- fractal dimension --- fractal model --- oil properties --- diffusion coefficient --- supercritical CO2 --- Peng-Robinson equation of state (PR EOS) --- CT --- digital rock --- microfractures --- Lattice Boltzmann method --- pore-scale simulations --- tight sandstone --- pore structure --- multifractal --- classification --- Ordos Basin --- loose media --- coal --- porosity --- true density --- bulk density --- overburden pressure --- particle size --- tight conglomerate --- fracture characterization and prediction --- fractal method --- salt rock --- creep --- damage --- fractional derivative --- acoustic emission --- marine gas hydrate --- submarine landslide --- greenhouse gas emission --- lifecycle management --- hazard prevention --- multilayer reservoir --- interlayer interference --- producing degree --- seepage resistance --- wellbore multiphase flow --- inclined angle --- liquid rate --- gas rate --- pressure drawdown model with new coefficients --- base-level cycle --- pore structure --- mouth bar sand body --- Huanghua Depression --- isotopic composition --- methane --- gas hydrate --- South China Sea --- Bakken Formation --- pore structure --- controlling factors --- low-temperature nitrogen adsorption --- petrophysics --- fractal porous media --- unconventional reservoirs --- multiphase flow

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