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Between Feasts and Daily Meals

Book Series: Berlin Studies of the Ancient World ISBN: 9783981675108 Year: Volume: 30 Pages: 288 Language: English
Publisher: Edition Topoi
Subject: Sociology
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COMMENSALITY - EATING AND DRINKING together in a common physical and social setting – is a central element in people’s everyday lives. This makes commensality a particularly important theme within which to explore social relations, social reproduction and the working of politics whether in the present or the past.Archaeological attention has been focused primarilyon feasting and other special commensal occasionsto the neglect of daily commensality. This volumeseeks to redress this imbalance by emphasizing thedynamic relation between feasts and quotidian mealsand devoting explicit attention to the micro-politics of Alltag (“the everyday”) rather than solely to special occasions. Case studies drawing on archaeological(material) as well as written sources range from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age in Western Asia and Greece, Formative to late pre-Columbian com munities in Andean South America, and modern Europe.


Social relations

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