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Chapter 1 Student voices on social exclusion in general primary schools (Book chapter)

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ISBN: 9780367209186 9780429264184 Year: Pages: 22 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Education
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Advocates of inclusive education argue that the social inclusion of
students with special educational needs (SEN) increases when they
are educated with typically developing peers. However, research
indicates that this is not apparent for all students with SEN. Students
with social, emotional and behavioural diffi culties (SEBD) are often
socially excluded. To understand the situation of these students,
their voices should be heard. The aim of the current explorative study
was to gain insight into: (1) the experiences of students with SEBD
regarding victimisation and social exclusion, and (2) the approaches
they applied and preferred resolving social problems. We conducted
semi-structured interviews with 28 socially excluded students from
grades 5 and 6, attending general ( N = 6) and segregated special
( N = 21) primary education. The participants were prompted to
talk about their own experiences using hypothetical scenarios. The
interviews were analysed using a multi-grounded theory approach.
The results show that students preferred diff erent approaches to
resolving these social problems than the applied approaches. They
would have liked to have seen their peers and teachers to show more
initiative. In line with these results, the need to listen to the students’
voices are emphasised.

There is a Crack in Everything—Education and Religion in a Secular Age

ISBN: 9783039212774 / 9783039212781 Year: Pages: 266 DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-03921-278-1 Language: eng
Publisher: MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Subject: Religion
Added to DOAB on : 2019-12-09 16:39:37

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There are two constants in academic and theological discourse throughout history, they are the debate around secularization and the dialogue concerning the intersection of religion and education. Each age has had its debate about modernizing forces that drive concerns of impending secularization. In this publication this theme is approached from perspectives of teachers, of students, of policy makers and situated in a politico-historical context. Aware of the fact that in today’s plural societies one sacred canopy is non-existent anymore, cracks of the sacred canopy/canopies are described, as well as ‘the light that gets in’, the possible and challenging ways out are roughly sketched. We expect that each of the contributions of scholars of the East and the West, of the North and the South, and their presented examples and case studies, will stimulate the ongoing exploration and elaboration on the relationship between education and religion in todays’ and the coming world – work-in-progress for coming generations.


religious education --- secularization --- pluralism --- non-confessional --- classroom observation --- ethnography --- Christian --- university --- radicalization --- post-secular --- secular --- religion education --- secularity --- secularism --- religion in public life --- representation of religion --- Bible --- Qur’an --- Ubuntu --- orthodoxy --- orthokardia --- orthopraxis --- Weltanschauung --- inter-worldview education --- Europe --- tolerance --- inequality --- power --- state Jewish religious education --- state Jewish secular education --- state Arab Moslem education --- state Christian education --- state Druze education --- religious and heritage education --- citizenship education --- religious minorities --- secularism --- Muslim --- youth --- immigration --- social boundaries --- identification --- college --- Québec --- inclusion --- worldview education --- universal design for learning --- learning in the presence of the other --- reflexive inclusion --- secularization --- rationality --- medicine --- theology --- symbiotic relevance --- school identity --- secularization --- secondary education --- teachers --- worldviews --- morality --- spirituality --- religion --- religious education --- life-as --- subjective-life --- secularism --- religious education --- values education --- strong religious schools --- Dutch Bible Belt --- citizenship education --- religious education --- liberal society --- secularization --- symbolic language --- philosophy of life --- religious sources of meaning --- metaphoric sensitivity --- inventive imagination --- role playing/bibliodrama --- identity construction --- life orientation --- bibliodrama --- narratives --- interreligious encounters --- education --- image of imams --- secularization --- plurality --- spiritual religiosity --- popular religiosity --- radicalization --- n/a --- n/a

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