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Control and Nonlinear Dynamics on Energy Conversion Systems

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ISBN: 9783039211104 9783039211111 Year: Pages: 438 DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-03921-111-1 Language: English
Publisher: MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Subject: Technology (General) --- General and Civil Engineering
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The ever-increasing need for higher efficiency, smaller size, and lower cost make the analysis, understanding, and design of energy conversion systems extremely important, interesting, and even imperative. One of the most neglected features in the study of such systems is the effect of the inherent nonlinearities on the stability of the system. Due to these nonlinearities, these devices may exhibit undesirable and complex dynamics, which are the focus of many researchers. Even though a lot of research has taken place in this area during the last 20 years, it is still an active research topic for mainstream power engineers. This research has demonstrated that these systems can become unstable with a direct result in increased losses, extra subharmonics, and even uncontrollability/unobservability. The detailed study of these systems can help in the design of smaller, lighter, and less expensive converters that are particularly important in emerging areas of research like electric vehicles, smart grids, renewable energy sources, and others. The aim of this Special Issue is to cover control and nonlinear aspects of instabilities in different energy conversion systems: theoretical, analysis modelling, and practical solutions for such emerging applications. In this Special Issue, we present novel research works in different areas of the control and nonlinear dynamics of energy conversion systems.


data-driven --- prediction --- neural network --- air-handling unit (AHU) --- supply air temperature --- pulverizing system --- soft sensor --- inferential control --- moving horizon estimation --- multi-model predictive control --- micro-grid --- droop control --- virtual impedance --- harmonic suppression --- power quality --- combined heat and power unit --- two-stage bypass --- dynamic model --- coordinated control system --- predictive control --- decoupling control --- power conversion --- model–plant mismatches --- disturbance observer --- performance recovery --- offset-free --- electrical machine --- electromagnetic vibration --- multiphysics --- rotor dynamics --- air gap eccentricity --- calculation method --- magnetic saturation --- corrugated pipe --- whistling noise --- Helmholtz number --- excited modes --- switched reluctance generator --- capacitance current pulse train control --- voltage ripple --- capacitance current --- feedback coefficient --- distributed architecture --- maximum power point tracking --- sliding mode control --- overvoltage --- permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) --- single artificial neuron goal representation heuristic dynamic programming (SAN-GrHDP) --- single artificial neuron (SAN) --- reinforcement learning (RL) --- goal representation heuristic dynamic programming (GrHDP) --- adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) --- sliding mode observer (SMO) --- permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) --- extended back electromotive force (EEMF) --- position sensorless --- bridgeless converter --- discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) --- high step-up voltage gain --- power factor correction (PFC) --- space mechanism --- multi-clearance --- nonlinear dynamic model --- planetary gears --- vibration characteristics --- new step-up converter --- ultrahigh voltage conversion ratio --- small-signal model --- average-current mode control --- slope compensation --- monodromy matrix --- current mode control --- boost-flyback converter --- explosion-magnetic generator --- plasma accelerator --- current-pulse formation --- DC-DC buck converter --- contraction analysis --- global stability --- matrix norm --- DC micro grid --- efficiency optimization --- variable bus voltage MG --- variable switching frequency DC-DC converters --- centralized vs. decentralized control --- local vs. global optimization --- buck converter --- DC motor --- bifurcations in control parameter --- sliding control --- zero average dynamics --- fixed-point inducting control --- DC-DC converters --- quadratic boost --- maximum power point tracking (MPPT) --- nonlinear dynamics --- subharmonic oscillations --- photovoltaic (PV) --- steel catenary riser --- rigid body rotation --- wave --- the load of suspension point in the z direction --- Cable3D

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