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Chapter 2 Becoming and Belonging in African Historical Demography, 1900–2000 (Book chapter)

ISBN: 9781785336058 9781785336041 Year: Pages: 29 Language: English
Publisher: Berghahn Books Grant: Wellcome Trust
Subject: Sociology --- History
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In the last forty years anthropologists have made major contributions to understanding the heterogeneity of reproductive trends and processes underlying them. Fertility transition, rather than the story of the triumphant spread of Western birth control rationality, reveals a diversity of reproductive means and ends continuing before, during, and after transition. This collection brings together anthropological case studies, placing them in a comparative framework of compositional demography and conjunctural action. The volume addresses major issues of inequality and distribution which shape population and social structures, and in which fertility trends and the formation and size of families are not decided solely or primarily by reproduction.
In this chapter, I address these questions in relation to the
Counting Souls Project1 through two frameworks described by
Kreager and Bochow in the introduction to this volume.


Demography --- history --- Africa

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