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Hydro-Geomorphology - Models and Trends

ISBN: 9789535135739 9789535135746 Year: Pages: 122 DOI: 10.5772/65532 Language: English
Publisher: IntechOpen
Subject: Geology --- Earth Sciences
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Knowledge has no limits and everyone has the opportunity to gain it and expand the view and horizon of understanding. Nothing in this world remains permanent, everything changes. Hence the field of morphology of the Earth (geomorphology) provides a basis for exploring, understanding and comprehending the forms and processes that occur in our surrounding. This book presents some of the ideas and understanding about geomorphology:

Learn about the effect of deforestation and then reforestation on river channel morphology.
Understand the composite mathematical modelling for continuous simulations of hydro-geomorphological processes.
Know about the process-response models for estimation of cliff erosion and its quantitative predictions.
Grow your knowledge about various geomorphometric tools that are available in freely available GIS software.

Marine Geomorphometry

Authors: --- ---
ISBN: 9783038979548 / 9783038979555 Year: Pages: 400 DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-03897-955-5 Language: eng
Publisher: MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Subject: Technology (General) --- General and Civil Engineering
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Geomorphometry is the science of quantitative terrain characterization and analysis, and has traditionally focused on the investigation of terrestrial and planetary landscapes. However, applications of marine geomorphometry have now moved beyond the simple adoption of techniques developed for terrestrial studies, driven by the rise in the acquisition of high-resolution seafloor data and by the availability of user-friendly spatial analytical tools. Considering that the seafloor represents 71% of the surface of our planet, this is an important step towards understanding the Earth in its entirety.This volume is the first one dedicated to marine applications of geomorphometry. It showcases studies addressing the five steps of geomorphometry: sampling a surface (e.g., the seafloor), generating a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from samples, preprocessing the DTM for subsequent analyses (e.g., correcting for errors and artifacts), deriving terrain attributes and/or extracting terrain features from the DTM, and using and explaining those terrain attributes and features in a given context. Throughout these studies, authors address a range of challenges and issues associated with applying geomorphometric techniques to the complex marine environment, including issues related to spatial scale, data quality, and linking seafloor topography with physical, geological, biological, and ecological processes. As marine geomorphometry becomes increasingly recognized as a sub-discipline of geomorphometry, this volume brings together a collection of research articles that reflect the types of studies that are helping to chart the course for the future of marine geomorphometry.


bedforms --- forage fish --- Pacific sand lance --- sediment habitats --- bathymetry --- currents --- seabed mapping --- marine geology --- submarine topography --- marine geomorphology --- terrain analysis --- multibeam echosounder --- bathymetry --- DEM --- satellite imagery --- multi beam echosounder --- filter --- geomorphology --- coral reefs --- Acoustic applications --- object segmentation --- seafloor --- underwater acoustics --- Cretaceous --- Cenomanian–Turonian --- paleobathymetry --- paleoclimate --- paleoceanography --- reconstruction --- simulation --- shelf-slope-rise --- geomorphometry --- GIS --- spatial scale --- spatial analysis --- terrain analysis --- seafloor geomorphometry --- domes --- volcanoes --- digital elevation models (DEMs) --- Canary Basin --- Atlantic Ocean --- cold-water coral --- carbonate mound --- habitat mapping --- spatial prediction --- image segmentation --- geographic object-based image analysis --- random forest --- accuracy --- confidence --- global bathymetry --- Seabed 2030 --- Nippon Foundation/GEBCO --- seafloor mapping technologies --- seafloor mapping standards and protocols --- benthic habitats --- shelf morphology --- eastern Brazilian shelf --- geomorphometry --- terrain analysis --- bathymetry --- surface roughness --- benthic habitat mapping --- python --- geomorphology --- submerged glacial bedforms --- deglaciation --- sedimentation --- multibeam --- acoustic-seismic profiling --- swath geometry --- multibeam spatial resolution --- integration artefacts --- Multibeam bathymetry --- benthic habitat mapping --- multiscale --- Random Forests --- pockmarks --- automated-mapping --- ArcGIS --- Glaciated Margin --- North Sea --- Malin Basin --- Barents Sea --- bathymetry --- thalwegs --- canyons --- Alaska --- Bering Sea --- multibeam sonar --- carbonate banks --- semi-automated mapping --- polychaete --- Northwestern Australia --- Oceanic Shoals Australian Marine Park --- Bonaparte Basin --- Timor Sea --- bathymetry --- digital terrain analysis --- geomorphometry --- geomorphology --- habitat mapping --- marine remote sensing

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