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2 Implications of text categorisation for corpusbased legal translation research (Book chapter)

ISBN: 9781138492103 9781351031226 Year: Pages: 20 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Law --- Linguistics
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This chapter highlights the relevance of text categorisation for research in legal
translation by focusing on institutional translation settings, namely: the European
Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization
(WTO), and their corresponding adjudicative bodies.1 After briefly reviewing
recurrent issues and models of legal text classification (section 2), a multidimensional
approach is applied to the multilingual text production of the three
representative institutional translation settings during three years over the span
of a decade (2005, 2010 and 2015), as part of the project “Legal Translation
in International Institutional Settings: Scope, Strategies and Quality Markers”
(LETRINT) (section 3). The resulting subdivisions are integrated into a categorisation
matrix and discussed as a way of illustrating the relative nature and implications
of text classifications. The fine-grained description of corpus design and
representativeness, technical aspects of corpus compilation and full taxonomies of
genres are not addressed in this chapter.

Quality aspects in institutional translation

Authors: --- ---
Book Series: Translation and Multilingual Natural Language Processing ISBN: 9783946234838 9783961100217 9788073741259 Year: Pages: 197 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1048173 Language: English
Publisher: Language Science Press
Subject: Linguistics
Added to DOAB on : 2018-01-16 11:01:55

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"The purpose of this volume is to explore key issues, approaches and challenges to quality in institutional translation by confronting academics’ and practitioners’ perspectives. What the reader will find in this book is an interplay of two approaches: academic contributions providing the conceptual and theoretical background for discussing quality on the one hand, and chapters exploring selected aspects of quality and case studies from both academics and practitioners on the other. Our aim is to present these two approaches as a breeding ground for testing one vis-à-vis the other. This book studies institutional translation mostly through the lens of the European Union (EU) reality, and, more specifically, of EU institutions and bodies, due to the unprecedented scale of their multilingual operations and the legal and political importance of translation. Thus, it is concerned with the supranational (international) level, deliberately leaving national and other contexts aside. Quality in supranational institutions is explored both in terms of translation processes and their products – the translated texts."

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