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Encoding truths? Diagnosis-Related Groups and the fragility of the marketisation discourse (Book chapter)

ISBN: 9781138735736 Year: Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Medicine (General)
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This chapter will take as an example a particular change in healthcare financing at the meso-level: Diagnosis-Related Groups. DRGs marked a shift in the way hospitals were oriented and were the means to operationalise the market-logic in healthcare. The DRG system is a case classification system: each hospital case is related to a ‘pre-standardised product’ of treatment. Depending on how a patient’s case is encoded, the hospital is reimbursed for the services provided. In this way, hospital care can be matched with pre-calculated resources. Case volumes can be predetermined according to the profit needs of a hospital and an economy’s ‘healthcare sector’ as a whole. Developed in the early 1980s by Robert B. Fetter and John D. Thompson, a management and a public health scholar at Yale, DRGs were first introduced in New Jersey, and have become the key accounting system throughout Western and increasingly LMI countries’ healthcare systems. (Mathauer and Wittenbecher 2013) Here I will particularly draw on examples from Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia, but also to the NHS in England


financing --- meso-level --- healthcare

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