DOAB documentation for publishers

Publishers are responsible for providing and maintaining their own information about their organisation and their publications in DOAB. For this purpose, we provide you with an account so that you can log in to DOAB.

Please download our 2024-04 DOAB Publishers’ Guide.pdf for full instructions, including how to log in to DOAB for the first time. Version history (changelog):

  • 2024-04 Updated BIC to Thema; new section: “Work with DOAB metadata”
  • 2023-07 What’s new: section “How to edit a record” now expanded into “How to edit a record that you previously submitted” and “How to edit a record submitted by someone else in your publisher group”
  • 2022-12 New: Please note that there is a maximum limit of 20 creators (named authors, editors, and other contributors) for a work that is entered manually (there is no limit for titles sent to us in an ONIX file).
  • 2022-11 First edition

New to DOAB? Start with how to join. 

Also available to download:

  • Our metadata form for bulk changes (see instructions in the DOAB publishers’ guide)


  • Thema classification codes


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