Requirements & Application

Academic publishers are invited to provide the metadata of their open access books to DOAB. DOAB is open to all academic publishers provided that they meet our requirements.


DOAB determines requirements for participation by publishers, in consultation with the participating publishers and the DOAB Advisory Board. The current requirements have been specified by the OAPEN Foundation in consultation with OASPA. The current main requirements to take part in DOAB are twofold:

  • Academic books in DOAB shall be available under an open access licence (such as a Creative Commons licence)
  • Academic books in DOAB shall be subjected to independent and external peer review prior to publication

The policies and procedures regarding peer review and licensing should be clearly outlined on the publisher’s website. More information about these requirements can be found in the OASPA Membership Criteria.


Publishers who wish to take part in DOAB must fill in the application form. Use this form to describe the licence policy (or policies) and the peer review procedures. This information is reviewed by DOAB. After approval publishers get access to the DOAB admin tool, enabling them to upload the books.